so...months and months ago when 5 on friday wasn't on hiatus i linked up five farm food recipes i had blogged about.

you'll probably want to have a looky at that post because the recipes are yum. i only cook the very most delicious dishes. (not that i'm a good cook, but when i do cook, i like to make sure they are beyond tasty.)

since then, i've posted quite a few other recipes and thought, "what a perfect opportunity to share five more recipes for oh hey, friday!"

but first...the bizz -

1 | write up a little post about five things. anythings. five dreams. five things that happened this past week. five goals. five of your favorite recipes...literally anything you want. 

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MY FIVE | recipes
1 | my spin on chocolate chip adventures of baking with a toddler. i love this recipe because these cookies are made with whole wheat flour and dark chocolate chips. i mean...those two things alone practically make this a health food recipe. am i right? i'm right. 
2 | this recipe...two words. PIN IT. it is beyond delicious and it wasn't hard to make. anything that combines sausage + kale + sweet potatoes + cheese sauce...well, that's a win in my book. 
3 | i love making goodies that i don't feel guilty feeding to my best gal. i mean...girlfriend has a sweet tooth, just like her mama. this recipe fits the bill just right - whole wheat blueberry zucchini bread. yum. (don't be afraid to try it in muffin version as well!)
4 | several months ago my farmer sent me to california to spend a few days with my sister...without the turtle. during my visit, my sister and i took full advantage of being turtle free with lots of champagne, a tour of the sierra nevada brewery, and we whipped up our very own recipe - nutella drop cookies. let's be honest here...nutella in anything is going to blow my skirt up...and your skirt too.
5 | and in case you missed it...which i hope you didn't...the most ridiculously delicious, easy salsa recipe ever. and i mean...ever. for real. i mean...erin from living in yellow pinned it and made it and sang it's praises. this basically means we're best friends, or something like that. 

now don't be shy. pin pin pin away! oh...and link up below, because we love you like that.

happy friday!