another month has passed which makes kaye that much closer to being a big sister. she has NO clue what's about to hit her. 

i mean...she points at my belly and says, "bebe? bebe?" pretty often...but this could go one of two ways, and i'm not going to put it past her that it's probably going to go the wrong way. 

girlfriend likes attention. girlfriend is a bulldozer. no one would ever accuse her of being gentle.

she's our turtle. 

this month i tried so so hard to capture her turtle-ness in the very most perfect photoshoot. i put her in cute outfits. i got her hairz all did up in a little bow...

she wants none of it. so instead...we're going to embrace her outtakes. she is who she is...and a model, well, that's probably not in her future.

KAYE | 21 month stats

STATS | our gal - she's still tall. she brings the heat in the height department and isn't slowing down. she's grown an inch in the last month. the term growing like a weed is quite literal when it comes to her.

she's also a total chunk. i picked up my friend's daughter the other day (who is over three) and kaye felt equally as heavy. she's 1.5. see what i mean? she's a bulldozer. 

LIKES | it's so obvious already that our gal was made for farm living. first and foremost... she's head over heels for corn. secondly...if there is mud within 50 yards, she's going to find it and sit in it. she's at her very best when she's riding around with her farmer doing chores. these are the facts...if i didn't give birth to her, i would never believe she was mine. 

corn isn't my favorite. i'm not a fan of mud or dirt in general. chores? ugh.
another big like...she's in love with her big girl bed.

DISLIKES | kaye is a particular gal (this is how i know she's mine!). she likes things just how she thinks they should be...and i get that. basically what i'm saying is she dislikes anything that she thinks should be done differently. 

does this make for a fit-throwing, whiney nearly two year old? sure does. please tell me we're just hitting the terrible twos early and this phase will be over before we know it. 

more dislikes - sitting at the table for meals, folded laundry, potty training, long car rides. 

NOTABLE | it's safe to say her language has hit a home run this month and her farmer and i couldn't be more proud relieved. the other day she looked at me and said, "it's cold." and wrapped her blankie around her shoulders. and she was right...we keep it a balmy 67 degrees inside because this pregnant gal is HOT. she also repeats most words back to us if we ask her, but doesn't really volunteer a lot on her own, unless she sees a boat, bike, plane, bird, cow, or a snack. she loves snacks...but then, who doesn't? i chalk her delayed speech up to stubbornness. JUST LIKE HER FARMER. this is a fact.

more notables - she calls her pillow her po-po. we're going to have a severely rough time breaking her of her binkie. and she carries two blankies around, but definitely prefers her pink and white striped blankie. 
kaye...soon you're going to be two and a big sister. life is about to get real REAL good for you, little lady.

as much as you give me a hard time, i genuinely hope your little sister has at least a pinch of your athleticism and wild animal personality...because you, my friend, are loco.
your farmer and i would also be delighted if she shared your sense of humor and your general honey-badger attitude.

kaye does what kaye wants. this is not a bad'll get you far in life if you pair it with your other wonderful qualities.
girlfriend, in the next few months pretty please work on your patience. this is going to take you leaps and bounds beyond what fit-throwing gets you...which is a one-way ticket to that chair in your room.
 regardless, your farmer and i are head over heels for you. absolutely addicted.