gals! i've received a few e-mails / tweets / facebook messages asking if oh hey, friday! is happening tomorrow...and i wanted to get the word out...


and it will most definitely continue to happen for the foreseeable future! i has to because we paid for a year subscription for the linky tool thingy whosy-whatsy. $12.50 each. sheesh.

anyway...i'm super excited about my oh hey, friday! tomorrow because it's going to be a little blast from the past. i don't want to give too many details away...but just know i'm excited. 

and of course...if you're new to oh hey, friday! here's the info...

1 | write up a little post about five things. anythings

2 | head back over here and enter your link at the bottom of this post.

3 | and pretty please don't forget to link back to our blogs and/or add the oh hey, friday! button (found just below) by copying the HTML into the HTML section of your post  so that others can link up as well! that's it. now get busy.

we'll see you all tomorrow!! right?