short and sweet today, folks. and for good reason.

i woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
but my poor farmer...he got the brunt of my craziness first thing this morning. it started with him putting together breakfast for kaye. i know...what a jerk.

then he wanted to take her around the farm to do chores. which really entails them driving around getting in some good daddy/daughter time. double-jerk.

then i accused him of hiding a container of blueberries i bought yesterday...more on that later.

there was a brief moment of love in my heart when i saw him clipping his fingernails outside. i love when he clips his fingernails outside...because they don't end up all over my floor.

but then he left the door open...and nothing drives me more crazy than a door left open because of the hellacious fly problem we have. how dare he leave a door open. a total punishable act.

that snowballed into me realizing he was watering our lawn...which is bad because we have company coming over mid-morning. but water our lawn? definitely grounds for me to put him on my annoying list.

can we please keep in mind that this all happened before 8 am?

fast-forward about five minutes when i realized i had actually thrown an entire, brand new container of blueberries away in our outside garbage can and about 30 seconds after that i tripped UP our porch steps...which can be less than ideal in a pregnant state.

what i'm saying is -

#1 - i'm crazy-town.
#2 - how many times can i blame pregnancy hormones?
#3 - i owe my farmer a big "i'm sorry, " a hug, and a kiss...if he'll accept any/all of it.

poor farmer. but how could anyone ever be annoyed with this guy? i mean...he wears speedos.
let's throw this morning to the birds and have a little redo. i just hope my farmer comes back with my turtle so i can hang my head in shame and ask for forgiveness.