Two bits right off the bat. Today I'll be using correct capitalization because I've been getting some flack about it for months from some friends. I'm feeling very judged.

I'll probably never do it again seeing as how that first sentence took twice as long to type. Sheesh. Capitalization is hard.

Secondly, is anyone else tired of these updates. I spared you last week, but for my own records I thought it best to not skip two. I mean...being my blogs biggest fan and all, I actually enjoy going back and reading these little updates. So let's get to it...A lovely shot from a wedding my farmer and I attended on Saturday.
33 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | I'm up 12 pounds. 

The good news is my belly is growing. The bad news is my rear end continues to flatten. My bellybutton is gross and still a mild innie and the stretch marks are being kept at bay.

SYMPTOMS | My heartburn is rocking my world. It literally does not matter what I put in my mouth, I get heartburn. Tums cannot touch what I'm dealing with so I'm on round two of Prilocec. Me and Larry the Cable Guy find much solace in those little, magic pills. 

As for other symptoms, just like with Kaye, I have yet to feel any Braxton Hicks. Does this mean I'll have another late bloomer? Probably. But I'll use the power of positive thinking and be convinced that this gal will show up on her due date. She's very prompt, just like her mother...Sometimes.

SIZE OF BABY | I was shocked this week as I read the baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs over four pounds. Shocked.

SLEEP | Sleep? What sleep? I'm exhausted. Between being up three times a night for my bathroom visits and being married to a farmer who sometimes has to get up three times a night himself to fix something...I'm out of luck. I've even taken to napping for a few minutes when Kaye naps some days. This is totally abnormal for me seeing as how I NEVER nap. 

WORKOUTS | My little workouts are getting sadder by the day. It's difficult to be motivated when all you want to do is shut your peepers. But it's just like they say, if you get moving you usually feel more energized after the fact. Plus I'm watching Dexter on Netflix so that usually gets my fanny on the treadmill. 

I work out between 3 - 4 days a week with each session logging 4+ miles. Of those 4+ miles I can eek out 2.5 of them in a 9:05 minute/mile run. It's hard...But I do it. Naturally, I have to mix in walking because my lung capacity is absolutely shot, but I have a nice sense of pride when I finish. I also often think of that gal who ran a marathon when she was full term and gave birth six hours later. Sweet Jesus...How did she do that?

CLOTHING | I'm getting so sad that my yoga pants are literally pressing into my love handles. Super uncomfortable. I might be doomed to maxi skirts and dresses (and of course my beloved large-belly paneled maternity jeans) until the weather officially turns. Then I'll sport my leggings and boots.

When my sister was in town we happened into Banana Republic and people...Their fall line is amazing, wonderful, and classy. They really nailed it. I picked up some jeans that I'm hoping to fit into sometimes in November as well as the softest flowy shirt and a lovely rust-colored, crop sweater. Now I just need a new pair of birthday boots and I'm set...For a hot second.

GENDER | I know, I know. You all know it's a girl. I dug out Kaye's newborn clothing tote last week so I could start washing all her little goodies and realized my poor Kaye dressed as a little boy for the first three months of her life. What I convinced myself was gender neutral was very clearly boy boy boy. Naturally, I'll embrace it because I'm not going to drop a bunch of money on newborn, girl-specifc clothing, but maybe a few girl pieces wouldn't hurt anyone. Baby GAP should have their Fall2 line coming out soon and they never seem to disappoint. 

Also, in case you missed it, I posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few months ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | Which day didn't I cry this week? Don't ask, I won't tell. I'm a hot, blotchy mess over here on the farm. However, when I stubbed my pinky toe on my grocery cart yesterday and ripped my toenail off...I didn't cry. That's a win, right? I mean, I may have received a few a few sideways, judgmental glances as I cursed profanities under my breath repeatedly, but who are they to judge? They are shopping in their pajamas.

Ps. My poor pinky toe hurts. It hurts so terribly much.

CRAVINGS | I skipped dinner yesterday so I could be guilt-free as I downed my giant bowl of ice cream. No judgement. But on the flip-side salad tastes good again...So I've got that to look forward to.

PURCHASES | Nothing last week except for my little Banana Republic outing. However, I need to get my act together and finish both girls' rooms. I need to remove a few decor items from the nursery and try to sell them, move a few art accents to the play area, and replace with some sweet, girly touches. 

As for Kaye's room...I don't know what I'm going to do. Her walls are pretty bare. Maybe I just need to sit in there for inspiration. That sounds like a super productive plan...Not at all.

However, I've finalized all plans for her 2nd birthday party which will happen one week before my due date. This is the best or worst idea ever. Yay me.

Hip hip for seven more weeks.

Happy Monday.