that may have been a bit much for the title of this post...seeing as how these four gals are awesome all on their own. these are the facts...and i don't lie. actually, sometimes i when i tell myself it's okay to eat ice cream for the ninth night in a row. or is that less of a lie and more of an opinion? okay, so i'm less of a liar and more just extremely opinionated on all matters. it's a problem.

but today isn't about me. it's about the four gals i'm featuring today...and i'm so excited to share them with you.

What endless possibilities! I would fly all my friends and family to somewhere warm, somewhere not too far away, because we don't want to waste any time in the air! So lets say we all fly to Las Vegas. I would rent us all rooms in an awesome hotel where we could enjoy drinks by the pool, tasty food, awesome shows and soak up the sun! And of course we would need to rent out our own cabanas by the pool for the duration of our stay so we didn't miss any sports games and could enjoy the shade when we wanted it. We would see shows all weekend, eat at the best restaurants, and do all the things in Vegas we wouldn't normally do because of the price tag! 

While we were on our trip, I would pay someone to upgrade a few of the features in our current home we're building, and pay for both of our parents to finish the remodel projects they have been dreaming about, like upgrading my parent's kitchen. With the rest of the money I would pay off all of our bills, and donate a big chunk of it to a nonprofit. 

My weekend wouldn't be too over the top, but being able to pay things off so that we wouldn't have to worry about our big bills, having a fun memorable weekend with all of our favorite people, and coming home to awesome house upgrades would be a pretty amazing thing. To top it all off, we could feel good about giving back and donating some of the money. Make friends with me and maybe you can join me for my extravagant weekend in Vegas, I promise it will be a good time!

If I had 1 million dollars and only had 1 weekend to spend it I would plan a last-minute spontaneous weekend getaway with my hubby. We'd most likely fly somewhere in the continental US, stay at a nice hotel, go to a fabulous dinner with multiple bottles of excellent wine, and hit up a hockey game or other events to keep us entertained. I know I could never possibly be able to spend a million dollars in just 2 days so I would also shop online as much as possible and still end up donating a large chunk of it.

Uhh GOOD LORD this is tough. First thought was to fly all my friends to somewhere fun for a quick, amazing getaway...but the other part of me says BUY A HOUSE! It ain't easy finding affordable real estate in Austin, so an extra mil would go a long way. Real talk though. I think I'd use a big chunk for a home in a great location here in Austin, I'd save another chunk for renovating (hello Pinterest dreams that I thought might never come true), another chunk would go towards a studio/office space to begin my own design business, and I'd donate the rest to Austin Pets Alive- the non-profit where I adopted my dog. Oh shoot I guess I can't have a renovation budget since I have to spend it all in one weekend. Hello all new furniture and maybe a new car? Just kidding, student loans it is. I love that I'm really having trouble deciding all of this, as if $1 mil is actually headed my direction. Back to Craigslist I go...

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$1 million? Awesome! If I won the money, for entertainment's sake let's just say I had to spend it (not invest, donate, or save in some other way) and let's say that we are in some ideal world there are no taxes so I actually get $1 million. First, I would call up all of my friends and family to see who wanted to have the ultimate New York City weekend. I would bring whoever was interested to a trapeze class over the East River, on a helicopter ride over the city, on a private horse drawn carriage around Central Park, and dinner and dancing at a few of my favorite but ultimately extremely pricey spots. When I started out in advertising one of the slogans of one of my clients was, "experiences matter more than things" and I would use that as a mantra to finish spending my million dollars in an epic New York City weekend. Oh, and I am sure a few luxury shoes and handbags would make the cut. 
and i mean...if you missed it yesterday i'm still trying to sell a few goodies. check it out...