is it crazy sounding that i'm 1.5 months out from having this second kid? when i mentioned that to my farmer he had a mini panic attack. the only one not on edge these days is kaye...and that might be because she's in a permanent state of "wild-animal."

regardless, there is a baby coming and we have a lot of stuff to check off our of those being celebrating some birthdays.

my main man, hottest farmer i know, my farmer turned 32 yesterday. and of course, he's totally getting better with age.

and what with me being the best wife and all, i totally planned a nice, cozy celebration for, no i did not. i had big plans to make a casserole i know he likes and a cake. that's it. luckily, amy texted and asked if i wanted her to throw together a bbq for russell's birthday.

in the words of my farmer, "is a fat dog heavy?"

the answer is yes.

upon arrival to their farm we were greeted with balloons, a birthday banner, and just the sweet touches that every backyard, bbq, birthday should have. amy...she outdid herself.
as always when we get together with amy and her famers, we all have too much fun. maybe it's the farmer in us...or maybe it's the location and we just have to figure out different, off-the-cuff ways to be entertained, but it's clearly rubbing off on our children. 
this picture makes me nervous because kaye is clearly eyeballing brody. we have trouble brewing. in addition, it was the first night in recent memory that these two didn't fight like brother and sister. and while it was wonderful for all of us to not have to police them, i don't think any of us want them to get along too well too soon. these are the facts.

moving on. while amy may have outshone the love for my farmer, i brought the heat with a little layer cake. it certainly got the stamp of approval from kaye who couldn't be bothered waiting for the candles. i'm with her on that one. 
after everyone was amply sugared, amy busted out a piƱata. yep...amy for the win...again.

and who doesn't want to see a pregnant gal swing for the fence?
and the children had their shot...
but obviously the birthday boy had his time to shine. candy. everywhere.
the bat didn't get put away there, though.

amy and her farmer have a sweet little apple tree that produced plenty of apples this season...but apparently aren't the yummiest. we took it upon ourselves to play some apple-crushing baseball. i played pitcher...because after i swung and missed 47 was time to let others have a chance. the belly was obviously in my way.

but these guys...they had no problem making contact.

i'm pretty sure my farmer had an awesome birthday. (it was probably the cake.)
but why would i want to talk about my farmer's birthday any longer when i have so much complaining and crying to chat about? let's get to it...
don't ask me why my eyes are closed.

34 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | I'm up 13 pounds according to the doctor's scale. but please! i was wearing a sweater and shoes when i got weighed...and a heavy necklace. and sunglasses. and and...they should really let you take all that stuff off. 

but in all honesty, i'm really happy with the way the weight has gone on. i'm right on schedule to be about 20 pounds up by the time this gal arrives which will make the recovery process that much easier. 

it's getting harder to eat normal sized meals, so i find myself snacking a lot throughout the day. kaye and i even had a snack dinner the other night of cheese, crackers...and some cereal may have even found it's way out. it's hard to get motivated to make an entire meal when your farmer isn't going to be home for dinner and your turtle probably won't eat what you make i feel justified. 

SYMPTOMS | heartburn. crazy mood swings. tight tight belly. these are par for the course. i remember these exact feelings with kaye. my belly is just going to get tighter and more uncomfortable. it's going to be not fun to sit for long periods. i'm short of breath all the time. and the worst one of's hard to carry kaye. 

temporary. it's all temporary.

SIZE OF BABY | we're at the cantaloupe size and nearly five pounds. 

SLEEP | just like last week...sleep eludes me. a few nights ago i was up at 4:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. and then again last night, i was up from 2:30 - 4:30 am. it's rough, people. the sleep-struggle is real. especially when you throw in the bathroom breaks. 

the good news - i literally remember sleeping better after kaye was born...even with the nursing. it's just so much more comfortable...and your insides aren't getting the shiz kicked out of them.

WORKOUTS | i'm 100% done with running. i accepted that fate late last week and i don't regret it. it was getting to the point that if i ran on tuesday i couldn't do anything on, barely walk. it was terrible. but now i try to get in three miles of walking every day and that suites me and my boo-tay well.

CLOTHING | i think it's pretty obvious how this conversation will go. nothing fits. i stand in my closet with a sad face daily. i can't wait to wear my "fall" clothes and put away my maternity jeans forever...and ever.

GENDER | girl. and the good news is i FINALLY got around to girl-ifying the nursery. i had to get strategic because i didn't want to completely start from scratch. 

when i painted for kaye's room we went gender-neutral with thick, navy blue stripes. so with turtle 2.0 being a girl too, i just added some pink paint to the stripes and called it a day as far as the painting is concerned. 

a preview:
i'm in the process of adding art and pictures and i'll be happy when everything is together. 

also, in case you're new around here...i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few months ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | i had a solid cry a few days ago because kaye was being so terribly terrible. the fits, people. the total defiance. girlfriend really knows how to push my limits.

PURCHASES | i'm starting to pull together some goodies for kaye's birthday...and don't tell my farmer but i bought her some uggs. they are practically a necessity. they slip on. they are brown. they'll go with most everything. 

oh...and i may have made it rain at baby GAP the other day. did you know if you're a cardholder AND you shop on tuesday you get 50% off when they are running a 40% off sale? it was basically like i HAD to shop. plus kaye needed new clothes like...yesterday. she's not even two and all the clothing i bought were 3T in size. girlfriend has long legs...just like her farmer. 

happy monday, friends. send good, cry-free thoughts my way. 
i call this one: swing and a miss.