you gals! i'm about to be the birthday girl next week. i get super excited every year mostly because i don't shy away from spoiling myself.

so far this september has proved par for the course...starting with that little getaway to we took a week ago.

but i don't want to stop there. no no no. i have big dreams for the rest of september. unfortunately, most of them will stay that...dreams...especially since chunks of change are being spent prepping for turtle 2.0. expensive.

but a broken record...the oh hey, friday rundown:

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1 | i'm a little more than a little obsessed with finding matching goodies that my best gal and i can be matchy-match in. it's a sickness. i get giddy. she has no clue what's going on, but i love it. well, lord knows i'm in the market for a new pair of frye boots, and as it turns is kaye. 
who knew frye made toddler boots??! i certainly did not. the very best part...i can get bang for my buck my handing these cute boots down to her little sister when the time comes. total justification.

2 | and i'm not stopping the matchy-match there. it gets pretty cold here in idaho, and with kaye starting her ski lessons this winter...well...girlfriend is going to need her very first patagonia, down vest. naturally, they make one in my size too.
3 | fortunately, that's where the matching stops...for now. but i certainly have more goodies on my wish list. you see...when farmer and i were building our house we splurged in certain areas and craig's listed others. one of those areas was on our appliances. that our family has doubled in size since we purchased our craig's list, kitchen aid set i'm ready for some new goodies. (in my dreams.) but most importantly, a feature refrigerator would be amazing. 
the northstar brand has amazing colors like robin egg blue, buttercup yellow, mint green, and flamingo pink + many others. swoon. how fun would it be to have a feature appliance?!

4 | and for my last trick, don't get too excited - i simply want to hire a carpenter. you see, my farmer is oh so busy. he does the jobs of five men...or maybe even 10 men. he certainly doesn't have time to work on all the little details that need finished on our house. we need trim work completed on our stairs. we need the crown molding installed above our kitchen cabinets. we need backsplash in our kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom(s). and the big one...we actually need to start our basement bathroom. right now it's just we keep the door closed. that's just the short list. if i looked around, there are probably several dozen things i would have that carpenter on...and i would micromanage all of it. i'm bossy like that. 
5 | lastly, because it's still september, i'm going to continue to run my ad sale for all you fine gals! any takers? 
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