we popped out to our local corn maze + pumpkin patch this week with amy and her boys. 

if it weren't for her, you guys would be looking at some more mirror selfies. 

i'm totally over snapping these pictures, but i know it'll be fun to go back in a few months and/or years to see the babies in my belly. especially since we have every intention of this being our last. 

it's just an awful lot to get dressed and have semi-clean hair. 
37 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | oh weight gain. i'm sick of thinking about you. i'm tired of taking off my boots before i step on the scale at the doctor's office. i'm totally over trying to get my sweat on so i can keep some remembrance of a toned boo-tay before i sit on my rear for the next six weeks. 

with all that said - 16 pounds up + the ice cream i ate last night.

SYMPTOMS | i'm so out of breath these days. i read that as you near the end breathing is supposed to get easier because the baby drops...but this leads me to believe that my baby is actually crawling upward towards my ribs. 

believe me...this is possible. i'm a doctor. 

oh! and the itching. my skin itches nonstop all over my body. it's constant but particularly terrible in the evening. 

so, besides my no breathing, back cramps, itching, and the two hours of sleep i managed last night...my symptoms are pretty minor. nothing to report except excessive amounts of complaining.  

SIZE OF BABY | we have a six pounder up in here, and probably somewhere around 19 inches. at 11 days overdue, kaye was 7 pounds + 14 ounces, so i'd be willing to bet that if this baby comes on time we'll be in the low 7's. 

SLEEP | i thought i had the sleep business dialed in. 

no beverages after 6 pm = less bathroom visits.
four pillows.
farmer on the couch + me in the king sized bed.

all this together adds up to a glorious  night of sleep. wrong. no it does not. 

i've started this crazy business of waking up sometime between the hours of 2:30 am and 4:30 am and then can't get back to sleep until 6 am. 

i'm an absolute treat to be around most days. 

WORKOUTS | i decided that instead of working out during kaye's daily nap i should try to start crossing some business of our baby #2 checklist. and when i say crossing business off i want you to read making online purchases.

however, yesterday my farmer had taken kaye on a little overnight trip so i had a nice little morning and was able to get three.five miles in during my dexter binge. then i cleaned out, vacuumed, dusted, and organized the nursery closet (kaye's old closet)...which was a workout in itself. 

needless to say, i couldn't/didn't want to walk for a few hours following. (complain, complain, complain)

CLOTHING | i was so so enjoying our 60º temperatures, making leggings and cardigans my go-to wardrobe...but we're back into the 80's this week. lord help me. 

guess it's back to the yoga pants and my belly hanging out of my workout shirts. 

GENDER | pink is the word.

CRIES THIS WEEK | i totally got my brag on last week about my absence of crying. i thought i had punched my hormones in the face. i was terribly terribly mistaken. 

kaye decided last week was a great time to really go bat-sh*t crazy/hit everyone/try to ruin our pictures/be a total wild animal. meanwhile, my farmer has been EXTREMELY busy trying to get our fifth cutting of hay ready to cut, planting hundreds of acres of wheat, tearing out more fields to prep for more planting, and everything else that goes along with being the boss. this means he's gone from 6 am until ????. midnight? 2 am? 

so i cried. i cried and cried. 

i'm feeling much more stable at this moment (as i'm typing) so i'm going to say i'll probably be completely emotionally rational this week. cross your fingers for me.

PURCHASES | oh lawdy...i made it rain:
  • picture frames for nursery
  • new pillow for nursery
  • pink diaper pad changing cover
  • pink boppy cover
  • two humidifiers (this will be kaye's third. we found out that our hard water was burning the motor out in the others.)
  • kaye may be getting some toddler frye boots (to match mine) for her birthday.
  • bought my sister's plane ticket so she can help keep me sane after this baby arrives. 
  • ordered our mushybook
  • purchased blackout shade
  • purchased pink storage bins for nursery (since we decided to not get a new dresser)
and don't think i'm stopping there. i still need to order a new diaper bag and countless other things i'm forgetting. 

i thought since this second baby was a girl prepping would be far less expensive? 

it actually is. we didn't have to buy a crib, changing table, dresser, etc, etc. 

(i had to include that last line...my farmer is having heart palpitations. 
have a super radical week.

i'll be back all week with my latest complaints, feature posts, some product reviews, and of course...oh hey, friday!

speaking of feature posts...i have some ad spots opening up for october + november. interested? have a look!