where do you start a post about fitness, lifestyle choices, and diet when you're 37 weeks large and you just finished eating organic animal crackers from costco by the fistful dipped in cherry, canned frosting for breakfast?

life is tough, but seriously...can someone tell me right now, because i have no clue.

however, here's what i do have a slight clue about:
  1. i know delicious when i taste it (animal crackers + frosting)
  2. i know a thing or two about a thing or two about healthy eating + living
  3. i have actually jumped on the beachbody bandwagon before...after watching way way too many of their infomercials late at night. 
here's what else i know:
  1. i have just about zero intention of having any more babies.
  2. this means i have big plans to attack my fitness + diet in a much more proactive, healthy, longterm, sustainable manner than after having kaye. (because after having kaye my attitude was i'm just going to get pregnant again...why bother? so i didn't bother and it showed...when my sister informed me i should probably put the nutella down and do a few squats. 
enter liz, a beachbody coach.
liz contacted me several months ago regarding the beachbody program and it was totally refreshing to not only already be familiar with the brand, but also to have her open my eyes to just how deep the program goes. i literally thought it was p90x...that's it. 

pump the brakes...there's so much more. 
liz turned me on to their undeniably delicious (and nutritious) shakes via shakeology as well as all the online resources available. she encouraged me to sample the goodies pregnant or not...these shakes are good. for. you. but like anything...moderation.
so while i didn't use shakeology as a meal replacement (which you totally can), i did often share them with my best gal after a workout and after she woke up from a nap to replace the necessary calories and give me some added nutrients. it was basically the best part of my day...and probably turtle's as well.
liz and i have exchanged e-mails over the past few months, and there is no denying her dedication and passion for helping, educating, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

she's the mother of four gorgeous kids, and still manages to tout the message and lead by example. 

liz also shares her journey via the beachbody website...but i'll share it here too:

i started this journey to loose some weight but more so to get stronger! i realized it was time for a real change after i had completed the chicago marathon in the timeframe i had wanted. i had my pictured taken after the race and was disgusted with how i looked. (karli's note - i can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.) granted, i had just run 26.2 miles, but i did not look healthy or strong, two things i wanted to be. even though i was running over 20 miles a week, i was not loosing fat or gaining muscle. it was time for a change. a week later i started INSANITY and LOVED it. about half way through INSANITY i started shakeology and that changed everything. i was skeptical about shakeology, i was worried it would taste like cardboard, and i figured it could not do all the things people claimed. (really, a shake is going to reduce my craving for junk?!) it has, and i crave shakeology every day! my goal in being a beachbody coach is to just share what i love and hope to inspire others to get fit as well, because this program DOES work and gives you all the tools to be successful if you are ready!

see what i mean...a true inspiration. 

i feel like her story is one so many of us can relate to:
  1. we do just enough to stay status quo.
  2. something is missing to help us over the fitness plateau.
  3. the mantra of fewer calories + more cardio needs to leave our ideals immediately.
  4. i'm guilty of all of these things.
also, i'm excited to share my very favorite shake recipe!
i call it - chocolate, almond butter, banana delight 

(note - you can totally cut the calories, fat, and sugar by using almond instead of whole milk)

(1) packet chocolate shakeology
(1/2) banana
(1 T) almond butter
(3/4 c) whole milk
ice to taste (i used about 5 cubes)
throw all those goodies in the blender and you have yourself a meal replacement or in my case...a snack for you and your turtle. neither of us complain after one of these tasty treats. they are so so delicious. 
should you have any additional questions regarding beachbody or shakeology, don't hesitate to get in touch with liz. you'll love her as much as i do. she's fantastic.

i'm beyond excited to get the clearance from my doctor in just a few months to start hitting the workouts hard...and my first stop will be some beachbody action. (no gym time on the farm...unfortunately...it's the world i live in.)

thanks liz! i'm so excited to take advantage of everything!

ps. don't forget to visit her blog. she shares goodies about fitness, her family, cute workout clothes, and countless other fun reads all the time!