we're back with another edition of: BLACK LEGGINGS, RIDING BOOTS, + A SWEATER

the only bonus to this weeks pregnancy outfit is that i'm not wearing a cardigan...which my farmer totally appreciates. he HATES cardigans. i love them. match made in heaven.
you may also be interested in knowing that i FINALLY did something about the reverse mullet i was rocking. 

if you've been reading for the past few months i shared that my hair gets rocked when i get pregnant. as in...it just starts breaking all over the place. with kaye it was bad...but not as bad as with this one. i literally had a chunks of hair all around my head that had broken off about two - three inches from the scalp. so just picture little tuft-chunks of random short hair. it looked like kaye had taken liberty with the scissors. 

well, after months and months of waiting for those hairs to get a few inches longer my gal-stylist was able chop chop my hair into something that kind of resembles a bob with quite a bit of layering. but i can disguise the still-short hairs with curls...
the things we do for our children before they are even out of the womb. i literally give them my nutrients. specifically hair nutrients. 

so we're bump-tastic with a nasty bellybutton.

and yes, i often prop my coffee mugs on the arms of chairs. it drives my farmer crazy. (right side of picture.)
38 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | is this still a thing? are we talking about it? yes, yes we are. i mean...we've come this far. i'm still rocking a 16 pound weight gain, but i swear swear my stomach is popping so much more.

(please reference my nearly unbearable outy belly button. it's unsightly and totally grosses me out.)

i also think the weight on me is redistributing. (eh-hum - the ladies are definitely bigger...kill me.)

regardless, i have my 38 week appointment tomorrow where my doctor will be thrilled to tell me i've progressed substantially from a nothing to a something and he better just admit me to the hospital. 

hey...a girl can dream.

SYMPTOMS | i'm just going to throw this out there. but in the last two days i have excruciating pain when walking. does this mean turtle 2.0 has dropped? let's say yes.

power of positive thinking - k2 is coming early...and she has yet to be named. 

SIZE OF BABY | the size of the baby can vary so greatly, but this week it's telling me we are very appropriately the size of a pumpkin. awwww. 

now i want every man to go grab an eight pound pumpkin and a roll of duck tape. now suck in as hard as you can and tape it to your lower belly area. is it hard to breathe? it should be.

see...isn't having a pumpkin strapped to you the cutest?

SLEEP | here's how the sleeping works: one good night, one bad night, one good night, one bad night.

i have a bad night of sleep (maybe three hours), and then i'm so exhausted by the next night i fall right to sleep and only wake up if...i don't wake up until about 5 am...and then i'm up for the day. i had one of those sleeps last night. 

WORKOUTS | if we can say crawling around on all fours playing horsey is a workout...then yes, i'm still working out. otherwise, 100% no...i am not as of last friday. last week i got in 10 miles of walking, but something has definitely shifted and it just hurts too much. 

however, kaye has become excessively clingy in the past few days and prefers me to carry her everywhere (not for long, sister), so those 30 pounds are definitely working out my arms. what's it going to feel like to carry eight pounds?

CLOTHING | so...my dear farmer gal-pal (you know her as amy) threw me an impromptu baby shower last week in the big city. i literally had zero clue it was happening. here's how it went down:
  • first we went to my doctor's appointment
  • then we went to anthropologie - which is why this falls in the clothing category
  • then we went get a massage (except she secretly didn't get a massage...she left me there and ran to get the little party room set up.)
  • baby shower with a few close friends.
but back to anthro. it might sound a little crazy, but i found a great pair of skinnies to wear post-preg...and i'm super excited about it. maybe i'll just wear them right out of the hospital...yeah right.

GENDER | pink is the word.

CRIES THIS WEEK | no cries. i do get irrationally angry and/or annoyed with my farmer at any given moment...like when he was asking excessive questions about how instagram works the other night. 

PURCHASES | still purchasing...
  • so i got those jeans...
  • final purchases for kaye's birthday party next weekend
  • and my new giant diaper bag! (that is very masculine/fuctional so my farmer won't mind it one bit.)
patagonia transport shoulder bag
what's awesome about this little bag is that it doesn't scream i'm for babies, so when the turtles get older we won't have to retire it. in addition...it's cheaper than a lot of the fancy diaper bags out there. i'm into it...and so is my farmer.

here's to one more week as a family of three!
here's to a weekend throwing a birthday party for turtle!
and here's to another week of hopefully no tears. 

stop back by tomorrow for october's 4 x feature post featuring four excellent gals i'm excited to share with you!

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