happy beginning of the week! i'm counting down the days until i won't have a bowling ball in front of me. in a weird way the idea of this makes me miserable and happy all at the same time.

miserable - knowing i have two 13 days until my due date.

happy - knowing i'm close enough to actually start a countdown. nobody's mad about that...

...except for maybe my farmer who's going to try to get a fifth cutting of hay finished up...and corn harvest breathing down his neck.

october...the very most perfect time for a farm family to have a baby.

but let's give this farmer man a shout out: he'll work until dinner time, come home and be with us until kaye goes to bed, then head back out until 3 am-ish.

sometimes during the day he'll even come home and do house projects for me. that man. pitter-patter, tha-thum, tha-thump goes my heart.

plus he's just so so hot. like...easy on the eyes.

but that's not why i'm here today.

today we are going to throw out a little update on my list of things to do.
the checklist is still getting added to, but lots of goodies are getting crossed off, which also makes my heart go pitter-patter.

the most impressive cross off? i've officially prepped six freezer meals, and have plans for more. i have a killer chili, zucchini lasagna, and and...maybe a pumpkin soup or two (which pairs amazingly with sourdough grilled cheese).

pictured we have turkey burger enchiladas with whole wheat tortillas. healthy-ish and delicious. i could eat my weight. plus the recipe is suuuuper simple and i should probably share it with you all. so i will...later this week.
who am i? this is totally uncharacteristic. as in...my farmer was nearly positive they'd be surviving off of boxed mac 'n cheese or microwave quesadillas. 

so a shout out to my farmer for being farmer + husband + daddy of the year.

shout out to me for marking things off the list.

and a huge shout out to my turtle. girlfriend has been a delight to be around as of late. i think she knows big things are coming. 
or maybe it's her new frye boots that make her such a pleasure.

regardless, she certainly is the wildest nearly-two-year old i've met. girlfriend makes her own rules...mostly because i'm too slow to keep up with her. 
but i think i've enjoyed her the very most lately because she's showing some serious personality traits. 

have i mentioned she's a total total spaz...just like me. look at this girl.
also just like me...we have an intense loathing for spiders. this was the closest i could get her to this fake. she promptly ran and hid under the kitchen island and whimpered. 
 happy monday. be back tomorrow with a 38 week update. hooray.