we're back friends.

we're back with friends. friends i'd like you to have a looky-lou at.

you know...that awesome chance we have to find new favorite blogs and all that jazz?

maybe you want to read about a totally rad DC gal who's super funny?

or a gal who has a daaaaarling daughter and shares tips about budgeting and organization?

then there's our blonde friend who's obsessed with the color teal and juggles 15 balls in the air...figuratively...or maybe literally. let's ask her.

and let's not leave out the gal who taught me to call my blog a bliggity blog. because bliggity blogs are where it's at.

so when you're finished meeting all these wonderful gal-faces, go ahead and enter their little giveaway at the bottom...because $65 cash is nothing to turn your nose up to.

First I would give 10k to Sallie Mae to pay off my student loans so far. Then I'd prepay for the next two years of tuition at my university (since I'm assuming the money can't be saved in this scenario). Heck, while I'm at it I'll prepay for graduate school. I don't know if that's even a thing but I'm pretty sure Notre Dame won't turn down my huge mass of money.

Next, I'll cover Jagger's school. I'd prepay for the next 15 years of traditional schooling at our local private schools and he would be set until college. Might as well prepay for college too (At Notre Dame of course). Now for the fun! Have you seen that 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee? It would be mine immediately.

I should probably buy a house too. I'm currently living with my parents while finishing school so with that amount of money, it would be a good idea to finally move out. I'd buy one of those killer houses near campus and hire a designer to come and decorate and furnish it. I am the least motivated interior designer in the world. I have ideas but it just never gets finished. My room has been half painted for nearly two months now.

Since I'm a nerd and have actually been budgeting out this entire scenario, I would now be left with $100,000. Now I'd get trivial things such as a new wardrobe for both Jagger and me. I'd also buy my two favorite show horses that I have ever worked with, Patty and Zipper. It would probably be a good idea to prepay boarding for those two for a few years too. Horses are expensive to maintain. Plus I'd need tack and show outfits for Jagger and I.

Lastly I'd buy my parents a new car because they deserve it (and I really hate their Pacifica) and spread the wealth to my family for them to splurge. Oh, and I'd donate some to the American Heart Association. They don't get enough exposure compared to Susan G Komen yet heart problems are the number one cause of death in women!"

"Easy question . . . all I want out of this life is to be happy and with my family. So I'd pay off any debts the lot of us have, buy us all houses (separate ones because i'm not crazy), and we'd all go on a big vaca. 

I may or may not secretly stash away 100k or so for clothes and makeup. "

the one with a salmon salad

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I'd buy plane tickets for me, my husband, my daughter, my parents, sisters, niece and nephew, my grandparents, and my husbands family and we would all take off to Italy for some site seeing, shopping and eating.


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I'd love to say I'd give it all to charity...but I'd probably do some intense shopping and use the rest to book a luxury safari for all my friends and family.



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