saturday is my favorite day of the week...especially when i have a scheduled confessional on the calendar. 

and today we have a repeat visitor. nina has been on September FARM before

in addition, i wouldn't be surprised if you've already seen her blog. she's kind of a big deal here in blogland. plus she's a doll. and an excellent writer. and the queen of awkward...

her words, not mine. but i DO think i could give her a run for her money. nina? want to battle it out for the title?

okay...i'll let nina be the queen today...

I'm Nina from Flowers in my Hair and you may refer to me as the Queen of Awkward, as I have been dubbed by many. I am just waiting for the Queen of England to call me so we can make it official like she does with knights and Angelina Jolie. I like to create my own awkwardness instead of being at the mercy of the the awkwardness that exists in the universe. I attract a lot of that awkwardness naturally. What can I say? It is a gift.
Maybe that is why I dance like this–to create my own little world of awkwardness. Or maybe I can't dance.

But have you ever been in Italy, visiting family, stopped at some Italian fast food joint (that's the technical term), gone to the bathroom, been shocked by the strength of the Italian toilet flush, unaware it blew your skirt up, and tucked it into your panties? Then have you walked out of il bagno to the sight of a fabulous looking Italian football team grinning cheekily at you while you stood clueless, smiling back at them and twirling your hair while your skirt was tucked into lacy, red undies?


Oh. Me neither.
Two birthdays ago, while a friend and I walked to get manicures, a homeless man of San Francisco, asked a friend for a lighter. She was smoking so his request made sense. My friend said no, sir. So the man decided to spit a loogie at my friend. I watched it arch through the air until it landed on me. I DON'T EVEN SMOKE. Happy Birthday, Nina.
Or how about that time I was sure I locked myself out but knew the fire escape door was open so I went to the roof and climbed down? I don't know if you can tell from my photo of dancing but I'm extremely coordinated.

Or worse, when my my purse shifted, my keys happened to fall out, slip through my fingers, and dropped into the tiny gap between the floor and the elevator. Down, down, down they went.

Or, you guys. The time I backed into mailbox and almost knocked it over. I stepped out of the car and shoved the mailbox back into the ground only to back out right into it again and kill it dead. I destroyed that mailbox. I turned it into smithereens. My parents loved me. LOVED.
You have to laugh–at me or with me. I don't mind which. Come over and read about my adventures or misadventures. Also get 20% off of any sponsorship spot with the code: laugh

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oh nina. i heart you. i mean...i've never done the tucked skirt thing or backed into a mailbox, but i have wrecked a tractor and broken into my boyfriend's home (don't worry...he's now my farmer). maybe i'm less awkward and more criminal? probably. 

regardless...that's another fun edition of Saturday Confessional here on September FARM!

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