here's the thing. i have about zero exciting things happening on the old farm right now. unless you consider prying my own hand off of the frosting can exciting...yeah. that's about it. 

oh...and then there was tonight when i had myself a good cry...based purely on the hormones coursing through my veins. 

damn the hormones. 

don't get me wrong...i have the sweetest muffin that i can't get enough of. so...i spend a good portion of the day with her on my lap...which i swore i wasn't going to do...but i'm doing it. and i don't regret it...yet.

i say all this because thank god we have sarah from sarahphrasing life guest posting today! (i can only post so many days in a row on sawyer before everyone stops reading...right?)

so sarah's here to give you a baby break with a little q + a...AND she's giving away $25 PayPal cash. love that!
KARLI | hey girl hey! so glad to have you BACK on the blog for a q + a so September FARM readers can love you even more! right?? so...let's get to it.

what are you most proud of when it comes to blogging…specifically your blog? 

SARAH | What makes me proudest is how long I have been blogging - just over one year. I have come to realize that I am big starter and not such a great finisher. I am the classic DIY attempter who buys all the supplies and then packs them into a cute basket for ‘a rainy day’. One would think I live in the tropics! (I don’t, it rains here all. the. time.) But I keep showing up to this blog and still love it. I still get giddy with each comment I receive and I still have dreams for this space of mine.
KARLI | ummm...i fully agree with the blogging bit! i start and never finish. but this blogging thing is so easy to come back to day after day. love that! (side's not easy every day...but most days.)

do you have any guilty pleasures? 

SARAH | I am the queen of guilty pleasures and I thoroughly indulge them with the excuse that someday I will have a kid and life as I know it will end. 

Netflix. You can read about my obsession here (warning: it’s bad). And if anyone out there has any connections I need to be part of the Netflix Stream Team, so hook a girl up please? Pretty please?? 

Wine. Duh. 

Cheese. In any form really, but cheesy pizza is amazeballs and I love saganaki! Fried cheese. So delicious. Oh and Kraft singles… I banned them from our grocery list because I won’t stop eating them. So gross. 

Hot baths. While watching Netflix. See?? I told you the Netflix addiction was bad. And I wish it could be a hot bubble bath but my skin is so sensitive that everything irritates me. Except coconut oil but that leaves a mess which requires cleaning which is the last thing I want to do after relaxing in a bath. 
Which brings me to another guilty pleasure - our house cleaner. Every two weeks the best compromise my husband has ever given me cleans our house. I hate cleaning and am quite horrible at it so she is really a blessing. I would even give up cheese for her. And wine (during the week until 1:00pm on Fridays because who doesn’t love a random boozy lunch?). 
KARLI | girl. my farmer let me get a house cleaner for turtle 2.0's arrival. so far she's been here twice and i'm so so happy. like...elated. i actually enjoy cleaning, but i think trying to heal and keep up with my farmer, turtle, and nurse turtle 2.0 around the would do me in. so cleaner. definite guilty pleasure. 

what’s your most favorite locale you’ve traveled? 

SARAH | I was actually crazy lucky as a child because my parents decided to move us to Peru. We lived there for five years and went on the best vacations to Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, and went on once in a lifetime adventures like canoeing on Lake Titicaca, visiting archaeological digs (complete with mummies) and even hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (with armed body guards, so cool). South America is amazing, the cultures and the people are fascinating and genuine, I can’t wait to visit again. 
KARLI | raddest parents ever. 

if you could only pick one form of technology for the next month, which would you choose - phone (without internet, with texting) or laptop?

SARAH |  Hands down I would choose my phone because I am addicted to texting (I hate talking on the phone) but constantly need to be in touch with people. And have my camera! If I really need some info online I can text and ask someone.

KARLI | yep. phone...all day, errr day. and my laptop. i'm a rule breaker. 

speaking of breaking rules...i'm going to encourage you guys to leave September FARM and check out Sarahphrasing Life and all her awesomeness.