for a very hot second i was a mom of two under two. i was pretty much a rock star...or not.

but now i'm the mom of a two year old who doubles as the wildest animal you've ever seen.

seriously, her new hobby is running bat sh*t crazy through the house screaming...which brings me to the screaming. is this a two year old thing? when does it stop? it's terrible. and the fit-throwing...also terrible.

but this isn't a bash on turtle post. this is a, "i love that turtle so much it makes my heart hurt" post. it's true. mmmm...that girl.

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1 | girlfriend has grown up so so so much. i never realized what a little girl she was until we brought sawyer home. kaye is a giant. 
the craziest part is just how different the two girls are so far. kaye was wild from the start...even though it doesn't appear so in this shot of her at one month old. 

2 | but then turtle grew a few months and started crawling at five months and then WALKING at nine months. she was a mover and a go-er from the start. i should have known from utero that she was going to give me a run for my money. 
quite literally the only person that can keep up with her is her farmer. thank god he has energy for days.

3 | have i mentioned you're an emotional gal? maybe you get your energy from your farmer and your hormones from your mom? you go from zero to 90 in both speed and emotions 56 times a day. i'm constantly on my toes.
4 | and then you turned one...and got even crazier. i did not think that was possible. that's when your farmer and i knew we had to get you a built in friend ASAP. built in friends (aka - a sister) on the farm are mandatory. 
5 | and now you're two! you finally started to talk...even though the only people who understand you are your farmer and me. you've actually gotten faster by foot. you're going to be a runner. you also jump off EVERYTHING and stick the landing most of the time. thank god. 
favorite foods - banana, oatmeal, mac n' cheese

most often said phrase - "it's cold." seriously...if it were 100ยบ outside you would say that, "it's cold."

best feature - aside from the fact that i adore most everything about you...your very best feature these days are those blue eyes. they are beyond beautiful. i literally stare at them creepily...soon you're going to tell me to stop.

potty trained - yeah right. you're going to resist this for awhile. but please let me be wrong.

height / weight - you clock in at exactly three feet tall and 28 pounds. you're basically as big as a three year old...i know this because you wear all 3T clothing. i bought you some dresses a while back that were all 2T and they hit just so your butt cheeks were hanging out. those had to be exchanged. 

hair - i never thought i'd see the day, but people are actually commenting on how much your hair has thickened over the past few months. it's happening! you also have the tiniest bit of natural curl that is pretty adorable. 

sleep - you wake at 7 am every morning, come up the stairs, into our room and yell, "HI!" it's hilarious every. single. time. you nap from 12:30 - 3ish pm. you need that nap girlfriend...otherwise we're in for an emotional roller coaster of an afternoon. at night you go down between 7:30 and 8 pm...and always demand we read no fewer than three books. then you demand that we lay down and get in at least five minutes of mandatory cuddling. and by cuddling i mean you pet my face, give me super wet kisses, show me your toes three times, stick your finger in my ear, among many other less notable activities. but girlfriend...i dread the day you no longer want to cuddle. 
turtle - even though i'd say you challenge me most days...i am absolutely head over heels for you. this coming year i hope we can work on the potty training, verbiage usage, and diversifying your pallet...and let's nix the fits and screaming. if we get that business under control...i predict an epic third year of life. 


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