stephanie mballo photography. a gal you want to know...if you live in idaho...or the northwest...or you have the funds to fly a photographer wherever you want.

this obviously isn't the case for our family, so we're lucky to call stephanie an idaho gal...that's for sure. 
here's the thing...i'm going to have to ask for some preemptive forgiveness. i know i've already shared a few pictures from my mommy/daughter shoot with kaye when i was still pregnant, but with our family photo session coming up tomorrow i have to have to have to get my braggy pants on when it comes to stephanie mballo.
her talents deserve a blog post all of their own. allow me to set the scene so you can see just how rock star she is...

subjects - agitated nearly two year old, very pregnant mama

location - next to a river (did i mention i had my wild animal two year old there who loves the water?)

challenges - photographer/camera getting beat with a stick by two year old, and making a 37 week pregnant mom look her best

time - approximately an hour before two year old loses her sh*t patience...loses her patience.

(seriously...kaye was in prime form this evening, even though i was prepared with a full belly, snacks, binkies, money, a vacation to disneyland...seriously, i would have done anything for her cooperation. no such luck.)

however, stephanie nailed it. NAILED IT! i am in shock and awe that she was able to capture so many keepers.

this also makes our home a little awkward seeing as how i have so many pictures from this session all printed out and hanging everywhere. it basically looks like a shrine to kaye and me with one or two shots of our farmer sprinkled in.

regardless, i'm here to share my favorites of turtle and me before we welcomed sawyer.
if you live in boise, idaho area and you're looking for the sweetest, most patient photographer ever...i can't imagine you could go wrong with stephanie. get in touch with her...i can't recommend enough.

plus, did i mention after kaye's terrible terrible performance stephanie gave me a hug? it was basically exactly what i needed. stephanie reassured me that there were some goodies on her camera, and not to worry. 

she was right.
i can't brag about stephanie enough. i have a huge crush on her...and her talents. 

i'm beyond excited to have her on the farm tomorrow to snap our family shots and then have the chance to share them with you all...again.

plus our farmer and sawyer will be in these pictures and our house will no longer be karli/kaye shrine-worthy.
while you're checking out her website and may as well pop over to her other web avenues...