first world problems over here.

i have three blog posts half written and no idea when i'll be able to get them posted.

as it turns of two = no time.

and by no time i mean i spend a solid majority of the day sitting on my rear with a baby in my arms watching terrible tv (vanderpump, RHNJ, DWTS, etc).
if that's not happening, i'm dozing off mid-sentence. seriously...i've never napped so much in all my days.

in addition, it's become increasingly more difficult to finish a sentence let alone type one out.

but, with my sister being here, my house isn't in shambles, everyone is showered, and we're well fed. we even had a champagne brunch on sunday...which i'm going to make a tradition. literally every sunday. sounds good to me.

you may be wondering how our sweet sweet turtle is doing. i'm talking about kaye here...
well. i think i would give her a solid B for the first week. there was one really really REALLY (halloween) bad day when we had the unhappiest little cowgirl EVER...but the rest have been good with some minor emotional breakdowns.
at first it was all about kaye not wanting sawyer in my arms. well...that's not gonna happen, she had to get over that really quickly.
we make sure to show her one on one time still...and my sister being here has been great for that. play-doh for an hour...turtle can get on board with that.

with each day that passes, kaye seems to be accepting more and more that our family is now four. she likes to give sawyer pat-pats on the head and little kisses. sometimes she just likes to stand close to her and if sawyer makes a noise kaye will squeal and get super excited. i can't say that it doesn't melt my heart.
our first week is in the books and we're in good shape. i can't say i'm not scared about having both girls by myself...but i'll survive, right? maybe i'll just kidnap my sister. if you hear about a northern california woman gone'll know she's trapped on the farm.