i think we've all seen these posts running around on our favorite bloggers' pages.

i've been wanting to do a currently post for awhile...mostly because i like reading them, so maybe you'll be into it too? sure.

currently | the state of our great room looks like this. i pick it up and in less than 30 minutes it's back. i've resorted to picking it up only once a day at the end of the day. my turtle is a tasmanian devil and prefers her toys where she can seem them...nicely displayed across our floor.

watching | my little sawyer-muff sleep and flail her arms around. violent sleeper, that one. violent sleeper, but great sleeper...so far. i think that if i didn't wake her up to nurse her twice a night she'd be one of those babies that slept through the night from birth. no joke.

drinking | i just poured myself a glorious cup of coffee from starbucks christmas blend. it's dreamy. you should try it. i used to drink my coffee black because i liked the idea of saving oodles of calories, but now i'm all about whole milk and i dump a heavy portion in every morning.
forgetting | that i still have yet to buy one single christmas present. it's just that every night when both girls are asleep i can usually keep my eyes open for exactly 2.8 seconds and then i'm asleep. the other night i fell asleep at 7 pm-ish on kaye. she started out cuddled up on me and i woke up with my head on her lap. she was petting my face. quite the little nurturer.

excited for | corn harvest to be over. as much as it drives my farmer crazy to not be busy out of his mind...i love love love when his schedule opens up and i can make him go to costco with us...or we can plan some sort of getaway. just a few more days...

kaye will probably be sad because then she won't get to ride in the combine with her farmer or take walks through the fields with grandpa.

loving | that i'm finally feeling better. no joke...thanksgiving night i became violently ill and spent large portions of the night in the bathroom. too much info? too bad. the good news is that as of yesterday i'm on the mend and finally feel mostly back to normal. thank god.

looking forward to | we're headed to scottsdale, AZ in february to attend a family member's wedding and i think i talked my farmer into making it a mini vay-cay. i remember reading a post from hello happiness about their stay at the phoenician and all the glorious places they went...so why not go that route? we'll have to drag the muffy-muff along since she'll only be four months old, but hopefully she'll still be really chill and just tag along. one can hope.

what are you all up to currently?