this is our life as of late. semis hauling corn and a combine. 

the day we get to put the combine away for the winter will be christmas present enough for me. 

you hear that farmer? no presents for me this year, just finish up corn harvest, okay?
the thing is, i know my farmer is even more so tired of corn harvest.

we have just over 1000 acres of corn, with 200 acres left to combine. it's just sitting there. don't get me farmer would totally harvest it if the weather would cooperate. we're in a holding pattern right now because there's been too much moisture. too much moisture means...well, i won't get into it, but it means we can't harvest it until the moisture levels drop.

so any time it rains or we have too much dew in the morning we wait some more.

basically my farmer has been harvesting about 25 acres a day for weeks. popping in and out of our different corn fields trying to find some that's dry enough.

have i mentioned i'm frustrated? i can only imagine how my farmer feels.

as soon as the corn is harvested we can finally have a little freedom to get off the farm. maybe even take a trip?

in case you were wondering, it's not just my farmer dealing with this nonsense. amy's farmer is in the same boat.

regardless of all this corn moisture nonsense, we still like to pop out to the fields to harass our farmer.

when we arrived at this visit my farmer had just discovered that there was no more corn to combine...everything was too wet, of course.

kaye was a little more than a little disappointed that she didn't get to combine. girlfriend loves to combine for about...10 minutes. then she pushes and pulls every button and nob. mayhem in the combine.
girlfriend made the best of the bad news, though.

she found some corn dust that was blowing off the top of the combine and proceeded to get it in her hair, eyes, mouth, know. because dancing in corn dust is the best.
until you get tangled in a strap coming off the semi and your mom won't help you.

i call that good parenting. pictures first.
but what's even better than dancing in corn dust?

dancing in the actual corn kernels. until the kernels get in your boots. that, my friends, is a day-ruiner.
here's to finishing up harvest before christmas! wish my farmer all the best.

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