so...normally i try to theme my oh hey, friday posts, but today is oh so random...but it's good stuff, so read on.

but first...

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1 | okay! i'm headed to my cousin's wedding in santa barbara in LESS than a month. i have yet to find  a dress...but that's where you gals come in. 
i'm going to try rent the runway for the first time. cue the sweaty armpits and nervous laughter. i have a pretty awkward body (slim hips, giant non-perky tas, broad shoulders)...which is why this makes me nervous. but i think i have it narrowed down to three dresses that will work. 
1 // 2 // 3
so...which is your fave for a june, early evening wedding in california?

2 | so...i know i've been TOTALLY obsessing over this #toneitup #bikiniseries...but it's been a pretty big commitment. last week was not super great in that i ate well and got all my workouts in, but didn't feel like there was any change. it was pretty discouraging.

but then today i finished my #bootycall workout (25 minute sweat session on the treadmill) plus an additional abs/booty workout. after i finished the workout i took a look at myself in the mirror (as i way way too often do) and saw some abs! they are there, and i couldn't believe it. i snapped a picture (one of the 8,000) as a little reminder that i need to just be consistent and keep working. 3.5 weeks to go!
are we all super sick of seeing my belly shots yet?

3 | this girl. i DO NOT brag on her enough. each morning, when sawyer goes down for her nap, kaye and i enjoy second breakfast together. (yes, we eat two breakfasts a day.) i can't say enough what a great, wonderful, amazing joy she has been to be around. she is funny. she is kind. she is sensitive and empathetic. if she sees i'm getting worked up over something she'll come up and put her hand on my cheek and say, "it's okay, mommy. it's okay." and she's right. it is okay. all of a sudden, whatever it was is totally not a big deal anymore. guh. she steals my heart.

in other news...she finally has thickish enough hair to put into a little pony tail.
5 | yep...i'm expecting that after the next few days of rain that are headed our's going to be blue skies and warm i'm right.
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