blogging takes a lot of time...a ridiculous amount of time.

and for bloggers, i'm sure there are times when we think, "why am i still doing this?"

but i do believe it's a bit of an addiction. i also have a certain amount of pride every time i publish a post. 

combine the time involved with the would be silly for me not to do a best of 2014! it just makes sense.

B E S T of S E P T E M B E R F A R M 2 0 1 4

5 | turtle started gymnastics. she's going to be a star.
6 | mother's day brunch. my new favorite holiday.
7 | i threw a few parties! baby shower // bridal shower
8 | i revealed a secret. at just over 20 weeks pregnant, i finally shared that i was expecting baby #2.
9 | delicious salsa. if you haven't had a chance to check out some of my recipes...don't miss this one. it's amazing.
10 | boy or girl?! i shared my photo session revealing the gender of sawyer...obviously she's a girl. 
13 | i had a baby. announcement // birth story
15 | cakepop tutorial. want to make cakepops like a pro?
and lastly...

that's my little trip down september farm 2014 memory lane!