mornin'. that's how we say good morning out here on the farm. we also tilt our hats.

i'm slightly delirious, so you'll have to excuse me. i was up at midnight, 2:30 am, 4:00 am, and up for good at 6 am. all courtesy of my sweet, little bitty...also known as sawyer.

hey sawyer-gal...let's not make a habit, mmmk?

because i'm pretty exhausted, we're all very lucky the fabulous nina is here guest posting for me. nina...she always knows when to bail me out. and you know what's nice? it's nice when you have a guest poster that you enthusiastically want to share with everyone. nina...she's just that gal. nina's pretty. nina writes an awesome blog. nina tells great stories. and the more i say the name nina, the more i think i should change sawyer's name. sawyer could totally be a nina.

nina's no stranger to september farm! she visited here and then also wrote a saturday confessional for us where she's the self-proclaimed queen of awkward. which is interesting, because i'm nearly positive I'M the queen of awkward. foot in my mouth all day, err day.

farmer tells me i need to think before i speak quite often. it's a daily struggle. but more about that on a different day. let's enjoy nina.

IMG_7315Hi! I'm Nina from Flowers in my Hair and I could totally write the typical guest post and sweetly just say hiiiiiiiii. But I am not going to do that because I want you to actually read this. Is my honesty refreshing or annoying? You can't tell? Me either. Let's talk about the crazy, okay?DSC_0062 
Nonna is crazy. No, wait. You see, I love her because she is crazy. She loves like crazy, cries like crazy, laughs like crazy, cooks like crazy, feeds you like crazy, shops like crazy, worries like crazy. It's what made me realize that maybe crazy isn't so bad. Sure, when Nonna finds a sale, she will bring back an item she already purchased and ask for the sale price. Then the salesgirl or boy, totally underestimating the stubbornnes of an Italian woman, will say, "I'm sorry, m'am." Nonna then says, "Okay, I would like to return this item." And once that is complete, she says, "Okay, I want to buy it back." And when we laugh at her (we being her famiglia), she shrugs and explains that it's the stores that make things difficult and who's laughing now? Because she got a deal and we aren't as bold (or crazy) enough to do the same. She's taught me to be kind of audacious. I don't have a problem speaking up for myself most of the time. When I was little, I wondered why other little girls didn't speak up for themselves. It's because they didn't have Nonna. The thing is, she is also crazy.IMG_2059 We celebrated her birthday this weekend and she asked me if I wanted her leftovers to take back to the city with me. I politely declined. She asked a little while later. I declined. After the fourth or fifth time, I realized that even though I didn't really want her leftovers, it would make her happy if I took them. Do you know it has taken me over a quarter of a century to realize this wisdom? Before I even walked into the restaurant, I also put on lipstick (It doesn't have to be lipstick; she loves gloss too. But it does have to have color) and was sure I was wearing a coat because if I didn't the first thing she would say when I walked in would be: Where's your coat? Why aren't you wearing lipstick? So I thought I was being so smart, usurping the system. What did she say upon seeing me? Why aren't you wearing gloves? SONY DSC The thing I tell people is that I am a lot like her. If you took me and multiplied by 100, you would have a perfect replica of Nonna. I've always struggled with my craziness. Like we talk like crazy. And we argue like crazy. And why can't I just be one of those docile girls who smiles and nods her head? I don't know if Nonna ever wanted to be something different. That's something I'll ask her the next time we Facetime (yeah, Nonna's got herself an iPhone, Facebook, and a mini iPad...She also loves leopard, just like me and her fashion sense is on point. On freaking point. There is nothing dowdy about her). Everything about her is youthful–in a totally appropriate way. If you know your Mean Girls, I'm going to throw this quote at you: Nonna's not a regular Nonna; she is a cool Nonna.IMG_9589 The thing is, the opposite of crazy may be normal and who wants to be that? Maybe once upon a time I did. But I've grown up (at least a little) to see the world a little differently and normal can only sustain a girl for so long. I guess I am sticking with crazy. In fact, I would bet on crazy any day. If you want to read more about crazy or follow crazy, check out the links below. I promise it's not boring.