don't enter because i would really like to increase my odds of winning.

if only for the fact that i need to make back some money after the number of piña coladas i drank this past weekend. they weren't cheap. but after getting my a** handed to me on the flowrider i'm going to need to invest in extra strength advil and a neck brace.

people - there is a reason you only see children on the flowrider. it's because kids are made of rubber and it doesn't matter if they get tossed around like a rag doll.

just check out my farmer. i was fairly confident he'd be really good at the flowrider. he can snowboard. he can surf behind a boat. he can wakeboard. both farmer and i were reassured that the flowrider is exactly like all three of those activities. "piece of cake," we were told. "not a problem."

while farmer and i will be licking our wounds and looking for our dignity somewhere between scottsdale and the farm...get entered below and check out all the wonderful, lovely ladies!

what will you be spending your $105 on?
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