sooo...i've been working really hard at trying to decrease the television time for kaye...but it's proving difficult since i'm parked on the couch 27 times a day with sawyer.

girlfriend has to eat, so there's no getting around that.

during my pinterest browsing i saw this awesome art activity that i just knew was right up kaye's alley, but more so mine seeing as how it kept everything nice and clean. love that.

all you need is some tape, white paper, several paint colors, and ziploc bags (any size would work i'm sure...but i used gallon size).

1 | place your white sheets of paper on the table or other hard surface.

2 | position the ziploc bags over the sheets of paper.

3 | pour several colors of paint (i used two per bag) in each ziploc.

4 | secure bags over white paper to the table with strips of tape.

setup took about five minutes. a total snap.

the only problem with the whole project occurred when my turtle played with the super snazzy art project for LESS than five minutes. wtf.

instead she'll play with an empty suitcase for nearly two hours. huh?

whatever. i win some, i lose some.

we'll log this under the #pinterestfail category.

thanks for nothing, pinterest.

in other news...we've entered the awkward smiling phase.