oh lawd. i can't stop with these gift collages. i just love fantasizing about buying my nearest and dearest little gifts.

and even though i won't be buying any of these for my farmer or any of these for myself...we will still be celebrating valentine's day.

champagne + sweet treats + an early bedtime...for all of us. being in my 30's seems similar to what being in my 90's will be like.

anyway...it's oh hey, friday! time. the bizz...

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3. have a fantastic friday.

M Y  F I V E - L I T T L E  V A L E N T I N E S
baby gap + tutu + sister dolls
wood phone + doll house
1 | i can't help but pop over the gap when they get a new batch of clothing in to see the new must-haves i need to get for my gals. that little orange number would look fantastic on my muffin, and those pink ballet flats would be perfection for my turtle...who is totally obsessed with shoes. 

2 | speaking of obsessed with shoes...my turtle is also obsessed with dressing like a princess and the color pink. i can only imagine the squeals we would hear if that pink tutu showed up at our house.

3 | when i saw the big and little version of those blond dolls i could help but think about how daaaaarling it would be if my big and little each had one. adorable. 

4 | as if there aren't enough toys in our house for sawyer to choose from...but she will probably need her own phone.

5 | and for the grand finale...this beautiful doll house. now...i'd never buy this for my kaye. even though she's completely into pink and shoes and princesses...she also currently has a black eye, a bruise on her forehead and two other bumps on her head. girlfriend continues to be absolutely WILD. she would have that dollhouse smashed in two minutes. however...it is just so picturesque i couldn't help but include it. 

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