did everyone enjoy their weekend? was it full of love and spoiling oneself?

i typically try to spoil and love myself every day...so it was pretty much old hat.


my farmer pulled off quite the surprise, which is rare because...

1. i'm a snoop.
2. i'm a snoop.
3. i'm a snoop.

so when that hunk of burnin' love pulled out DIAMOND EARRINGS...well let's just say it shocked the hell out of me. i was actually shaking. i was more surprised by those diamond earrings than i was when he pulled out my engagement ring six and a half years ago. i couldn't wipe the stupid smile off my face. this can be capped off by saying...i'm not the girl who likes jewelry. i'm lucky if i remember to wear my wedding two days a week. but my diamond studs have been gracing my ears nonstop. they make a girl feel pretty.

but my surprises didn't stop there.

my farmer ended up taking kaye skiing on friday and saturday, which left me two toddler-free days to workout, shower, drink hot coffee, make cookies, make a valentine's day card, update our seasonal chalkboard, have a photo shoot with sawyer, clean, switch out sawyer's 0-3 month clothing for her 3 - 6 month duds...oh...and i got to sleep in until 7:30 am two mornings in a row. sweet sweet sleeping in. that'll also make a girl feel pretty too.

sawyer and i started off with her photo shoot. i was super excited for this because i put miss muffin in the exact outfit kaye wore two years ago. bow and all. i then proceeded to send their pictures to all our family because...well...i can't help myself. these girls own my heart.



next on the agenda was to get some sweet treats made. kaye has some friends on the farm that we all just adore. i thought it the perfect excuse to make some cookies for the blog, eat some dough, and deliver some valentine cookies to kaye's friends. oh...and eat some more dough.
i found a delicious sugar cookie recipe via the pioneer woman. it includes orange zest, and i also added in a little almond extract. uh, yum. just don't bake them one second longer than what's called for.
the frosting recipe was medium. i mean...frosting is frosting so it tasted delicious. but i've definitely had better. my farmer said he liked it because it wasn't too sweet and it was light. i can also say it piped quite easily...so there's that. you can find that recipe HERE

all this to say...they were definitely edible. more than edible, actually. truthfully...i want six right now. 
next on the agenda was to update our seasonal chalkboard. i had every intention of doing this weeks ago...but it just didn't happen. you know...i was doing other unimportant things like feeding my children and pumicing my toilets. 

regardless, as silly as it may seem, i love updating our chalkboard and seeing how closely i can copy someone else's creativity. i pinned this chalkboard ages ago and finally got to use it. speaking of pinning...if you want to follow my boards feel free to do so HERE.

it wasn't my finest effort...but muffin-bitty was being awfully noisy, swinging her fists, and kicking her legs like a crazy woman. it all proved to be quite distracting since i can't help but to kiss her neck, face, cheeks, nose, etc, etc. she's just so damn cute.

and lastly, i used to make my farmer a corny homemade card for different applicable holidays. i don't know if he even likes them...but i think it let's him know just how much i adore and admire him. i haven't made him a card for nearly two years and knew the time had come to bring back the tradition. 
again, with sawyer thrashing and exercising her new-found voice...i got my craft on. the card ended up being pretty cute and now we have one more love note to add to the box.
kaye and our farmer got home late on saturday night, so yesterday evening we had a quiet celebration. kaye got a balloon and some chapstick (she's obsessed with the eos brand) and my farmer received his favorite meal of meatloaf. thank you barefoot contessa for that beyond delicious recipe

farmer and i will continue our valentine's celebrations in scottsdale, arizona on thursday! i can't wait to celebrate my cousin's wedding! i've never met his bride, but according to my facebook research...she's a stunner!