i have some good news and some bad news. 

good news - today we have ali here from thirty and a half who is a total doll. no seriously...go have a looky-lou at her blog. in preparation for our little q + a i hopped over to read through a few posts...and before i knew it i had read through 15. yeah...she's one of those bloggers. the blogger that has good stories to tell and has a great writing voice so you feel like you're right there with her. 

so thank you, ali. thank you for snatching up 45 minutes of my afternoon while my turtle destroyed my living room. but guess what...it was worth it. we love a good blog over here at September FARM.

bad news - i'm sick...again. gah! when does it end? i'm totally blaming turtle for this one. she was sick first, now me...and even my little sawyer-muffin is a sneeze-factory with watery eyes. bless her. 

but don't worry, because i have more good news - did anyone see channing tatum on ellen yesterday? that boy...he does not disappoint. ever. not even once in all of his days. i fall a little more in love with each magic mike pelvic thrust. kidding! but seriously...he's smokin'. but enough about that...it's ali's turn.

KARLI | i like a blogger who’s relatable. have you ever shared an embarrassing story on your blog? 

ALI | Why am I not surprised that you asked this question?? Hahaha...anyway, I've never been good at thinking of embarrassing stories. There was the one time that my dad tried to be my wingman. Or there was that other time that I thought I was being setup by my mom. You could also hop over to my blog and read about the time that my dad practically set me up on a blind date...
KARLI | omg. yes yes to all of those. gah...i remember my younger years. except it was more of me asking people to set me up as opposed to people wanting to set me up. hmmm?

sounds like you and i both love to run…except you’re clearly way better than me. any advice you would give to someone trying to get started? maybe they think they hate running but just haven’t given it a fair shot?
ALI | I'm really not as good as running as you probably think. After running competitively for eight years, my body has definitely gotten beat up a little bit and I get frustrated that I can't do all the things that I used to be able to!! How sad is it that I am only 23 and my body feels like that of an old person?! Anyway, running is definitely a love-hate relationship, no matter how much you enjoy it. I truly love running because it is therapy for me, but there are so many days that I have to drag myself out the door. But the one thing I know is that it is so worth it, because of those few runs that you get to experience the runners high! If you think you hate running, I say give it another try - I wasn't very good at first either. I honestly could not run all the way around a track, but finished my high school career as a two-time state qualifier.

KARLI | yes! the runner's high! it really is a thing. plus i get super super sweaty and turn an amazing shade of purple every time i run. i'm convinced this means i'm burning a ridiculous amount of calories. it keeps me coming back.

are you still crushing on a barista? there is something about a man who can make a good cup-o-joe. does said barista know? you know…i was the one who pursued my farmer. like…asked him out. wore him down. i practically proposed after five years. sheesh.

ALI | Well, Karli - thank you for making me realize I need to update my About Me page! I am no longer crushing on the barista...unfortunately. I think I realized that I liked the idea of him, and that in reality we would never work out. Plus, he is no longer a barista at the coffee shop next door. That also means there is no more eye candy for me to ogle when I get my daily mocha :( And no I did not ever tell him that I had a crush on him, although rumor has it that he figured it out...apparently I'm a little obvious when I like someone...

KARLI | girl! yes. time to update the about me page. these things are important in blog land...right? okay, maybe not.

my advice still stands though. if you see a guy you're digging...ask him out! it totally worked on my farmer.

do you have any guilty pleasures? vices? obsessions? me? my guilty pleasure is watching 19 kids and counting. i absolutely love that show. my vice is eating dessert every night. somehow i can’t say no to myself. and i’m obsessed with lululemon. i’m on their website every week pining over all the new goodies.
ALI | I love watching 19 kids and counting!! Actually I like watching any TLC show...although Sister Wives is one of my favorites. I think I'm just fascinated by the very different lifestyles portrayed on all of those shows. And as for vices, I would have to say shopping (specifically Stitch Fix) or possibly even binge watching TV shows on Netflix. These are both serious addictions.

KARLI | thank god. i knew i couldn't be the only one fascinated by a family with 19 kids. and sister wives...what a freaking train wreck...but i love it.

now, if someone told you you had to stop blogging, one a scale from 1-10, how upset would you be?

ALI | If you had asked me that a month or two ago, I probably would have said a 9, however right now, I'm thinking a 6. My life has just gotten so crazy busy that my blog has unfortunately been the thing to take a backseat. I'm working on making it more of a priority and possibly using that scheduling feature so I can write more of my posts in advance when I have some free time. I am absolutely loving this blogging community so far and have no plans to let it go anytime soon!

KARLI | i'm convinced blogging can become a slight obsession. it's like...i love it, but i love to hate it, ya know?

favorite question - do you watch the real housewives of (any city)? which cast would you like to be a part of?

ALI | I do not watch any of the real housewives shows...the most dramatic reality show that I watch is the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Although, I will admit that I didn't even start watching that until last season and I'm a little behind on the Bachelor right now. But I thoroughly enjoy reading various blogger recaps after each episode airs...I wouldn't mind finding me a farmer some day....

KARLI | girlfriend...how do you not watch a housewives show? i mean...it's good stuff. but you're right. don't waste your time. and you know i'm all about the farmers. i've snagged myself a real hottie and now there's a bachelor farmer, so you know more smokin' hot farmers are going to be coming out of the woodwork. farming...it's the new black.

if someone just happened to stumble on your blog, name three things you would hope they could see right off the bat.
ALI | Hmmm...that's a tough one. I would hope that they check out my About Me page because I think that gives a nice summary of my life, although that "crushing on a barista" thing clearly needs to be updated. Hopefully they would also stumble upon the post about when my little brother was born and I tried to name him after my favorite Disney character....And saw my 30 facts about me - I always think these are a fun way to get to know a blogger. Plus, it's really hard for me to think of 30 not-so-interesting things about myself.


oh ali. i said it once, i'll say it again. you're a total doll. if i come across any farmers and you just happened to find yourself in idaho...i'll totally set you up. mmmk?

but in the meantime, before i play matchmaker for ali, feel free to catch up with her via all social media outlets!