you know who hasn't been on the blog enough lately? my turtle. i'm sure that's what everyone has been thinking. i gal's scowl has practically reached celebrity status in it's own right. am i right?

well, now that's she's two and a quarter, i thought it an opportunity to log where she's at; her trials and triumphs.

i think it goes without gal is the sassiest. it was recently brought to my attention by a dear friend that the way i brag on sawyer vs. the way i write about kaye is quite lopsided.

sawyer gets accolades for days regarding her sweetness, cuteness, loveliness, perfection-ness, etc.

kaye...well...kaye  is kaye. girlfriend is the most wild, sassiest, whiniest, cry-babiest turtle. but you know what else she is?

kaye is thoughtful. she oozes sweetness when it comes to her sister. in the past few weeks kaye has become helpful, giving sawyer her binkie or covering her with her blankie, or sharing her prized toys. she gives kisses and comforts "my sister" when she's crying, and gives her cheek a little pet. she really is so so kind.

while kaye isn't the most relaxed child in all the land...i wouldn't change her for a second. know why? she's wild. and even though she's wild, i think that is going to translate into greatness as she grows. she'll be outspoken. she'll have a no-quit attitude. she'll have opinions. she'll be a leader. girlfriend oozes excellence, and i cannot wait to see where that takes her in five, 10, and 15 years from now.

granted, all this strong-willed nature isn't doing us any good in the potty-training department. our turtle straight refuses. she's even taken to retrieving her own clean diapers instead of the option of sitting on the toilet. i have a feeling that the day she decides she's ready it'll be a smooth process from there. (my wish?)

talking - yikes. farmer and i were a little concerned when it came to the talking. she just wasn't catching on. and then one day, just like they say, it took off. she's a regular chatterbox. i can't even begin to count the number of words and phrases she says. but most notable is when she says, "please mama," and "thank you mama." it turns my cold, dark heart to mush. she can basically have whatever she wants with those manners.

our turtle continues to be practically off the charts when it comes to the growth scale. she's a long-legged, big-bellied gal...and her hair is finally starting to thicken! granted, we still can't style it any way except a combover...but she rocks that combover so well, we'll keep at it. all the clothing i buy for our gal is a size 4 and she rocks a size 8 in the shoes. according to our wall measurements, she grows at least an inch a's ridiculous.

you know what else is ridiculous? every night, around 7 pm, for whatever reason, she decides its the perfect time to run some laps. she will literally run the length of our house, back and forth, 25+ times.  she just runs. and runs. and runs some more. i guess she just feels she has some extra energy stores to burn off? regardless, i see visions of us running in races together in the coming years. she'll probably beat me, but that's some competition i can get on board with.

so, even though i don't brag about kaye's sweetness and loveliness and mellowness, she has so many qualities that make me proud every day. our turtle...she's the absolute best.