i have a super sexy topic to discuss today - weekly meal planning.

see? so so sexy. like...as sexy as chris the bachelor getting freaky with carly on their sex therapist date. oh wait...that was just terribly awkward. so awkward i couldn't watch. anyway...

i want to talk a little bit about my meal planning habits.

confession - these past few weeks have been the first time i've ever tried meal planning.

confession - i used to waste a TON of food. i would buy the goods and have every intention of cooking...but then i wouldn't and the food would go to waste. shameful really.

but now? now i'm on board with meal planning. people...meal planning works. not only does it make dinner easier to make each night, but it takes the stress out of the "it's 3 o'clock...what should i make for dinner?" the plan is already in place and the odds are it's going to be healthier than the frozen chicken nuggets i usually want to throw in the oven. and as mentioned before...i'm not wasting nearly as much food. that might be my most favorite part about meal planning.

i'm feeling very grown up.

so grown up, in fact, that i whipped up a pretty, little meal planning sheet.

and you know what...if you think it's pretty, you can print it off by using this LINK.

excuse me now...i'm going to go be grown up. i may even start drinking wine.