the blog got real real pretty today. just do a quick scan of the three gorgeous gals here today!

see what i'm saying?

i'll take caley's smile, ashley's eyes, and annie's hair. perfect.
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I love entertaining and we do it pretty often. I've learned a few tricks along the way but it's mostly been by doing and making a few mistakes as I go. A year ago, I was throwing my husband a dinner party at the house for his birthday. I was all excited about the meal I was cooking, but I was a bit nervous because I hadn't cooked it before which was party faux pas #1. I had the rib roast in the oven and decided to break out our new meat thermomater to test the temperature of the meat. I stuck it in the middle of the roast not realizing I had left the rubber tips on the fork. Needless to say, the rubber tips stayed in the meat as I pulled the fork out. Now our rib roast was stuffed with rubber :( I embarrassingly warned our guests to chew each bite closely because they might find the rubber tips in their piece!! Thankfully they were close friends and could just laugh along with me, but I was still so embarrassed!! Read the full story here - PARTY FAUX PAS

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S

Throwing a Dinner Party

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Last year my husband and I went on a cruise. We had gone down to our room to get ready for dinner. I was about to get in the shower and someone knocked on the door. Without seeing if I was covered up, my husband opened the door to our cleaning attendant standing there. And the kicker was, I was 22 weeks pregnant! I was mortified and my husband was in BIG trouble! Besides that little mishap, we ended up having a fun trip! You can read about it here! Read the full story here - NUDIST CRUISE 

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I have to be honest, I haven't really had any terribly embarrassing or cringeworthy moments... I'm sure I've slipped a few times, called someone the wrong name or left my dress tucked in or a baby stain on show, but nothing hysterically funny. Looking back on high school pictures is always embarrassing though...HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY LANE

F A V O R I T E  P O S T S


now get excited! ashley and annie got together to put a little giveaway on for you all! a nice little $25 starbucks gift card. L O V E T H A T. thanks gals!