here's how this is about to go down.

we're going to make this oh hey, friday quick and dirty because i'm real real sleepy. i've been staying up far past my bedtime to listen the the podcast, serial. i'll be listening to the final episode this evening while i snack on chocolate chips and life cereal. it's good. so good.

if you missed the memo on this bandwagon i recommend doing a quick google search - serial podcast

do it.

but before you do that...

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3 | have a fantastic friday.
M Y  F I V E  |  O U R  W E E K (according to my iphone)

1 | farm season started about a month early.
my farmer has been working his tail off this week...and i can say i really wasn't ready for farming to start this early. guh. and i'm not even doing the work. regardless...this makes for a sleepy farmer. one of the days my farmer had literally been gone from sun up. he came home for dinner...and then this happened. of course he woke up about thirty minutes later and had to head back out for more farming...but sawyer will take those farmer cuddles whenever she can get them.

2 | i'm not ready for two princesses. 
i'm definitely not ready for two princesses in the house...but kaye is. kaye absolutely insisted that bitty wear a princess crown. when it comes to her sister, kaye does such a good job sharing and making sure she's happy. it warms my cold, dark heart.

3 | st. patrick's day
sure i'm irish. seriously...i am. my grandma would certainly cringe if she found out i didn't at least wear a pin that said, kiss me, i'm irish. but i didn't. the most irish thing i did was wear green yoga pants and drink one of these. there's always next year...

4 | gorgeous weather
thursday was perfection on the weather front. sunshine like crazy and absolutely no wind. i wanted to go for a run so very very badly and flip off my treadmill in the process...

i settled for chasing kaye around while kaye chased chickens. kaye is fast, but luckily the chickens are faster. plus kaye was in her princess shoes and those slowed her substantially.

but one day...she's going to catch a chicken. neither of them are going to know what to do with themselves when that happens. i just hope i'm not there to witness it.

5 | speaking of gorgeous weather...
did i mention thursday was stunning? we were literally able to spend all day outside and that was glorious.

we even had some of kaye's friends over...and i talked them into a picture...and i trusted kaye to hold sawyer. something about that warm weather just says - throw caution to the wind! ie. trust a two year old with your four month old. sure.

in other news...i washed every single window on our house. it took F O R E V E R...but it was so needed. no seriously...we have a million windows, and most of them are tremendous. 19...after a quick count we have 19 windows and most of them are 5 feet by 6 feet. it was a big job.

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