we are in full-blown princess mode out here on the farm...and i'm here to tell you, you can't teach this stuff.

it's something just...there. built into their personality.

we noticed it a few months ago when kaye became particularly possessive over a princess crown at a friend's house.

then there were the high heels she stole from another friend. (seriously...the heels were given from the nicest girl who kaye is obsessed with. kaye has since broken the high heels from wear and tear...so we should probably buy that sweet girl a new pair.)

it grew when kaye discovered dress up clothes.

it hit epic proportions when farmer's mom got kaye her very first princess dress and headband/tiara.

what i'm saying is...a princess lives at our house and i don't see her leaving anytime soon.

kaye certainly didn't get her pension for fancy clothes from me. i rock yoga pants every day. literally.

i can't say i dislike all the pink fluffiness going on over here though. it certainly brings a level of glamour to the farm with all the tractors and dirt.

plus, watching kaye run to the mirror and spin for a straight ten minutes is hysterical. she's absolutely obsessed with the way she looks in these dresses. #vain (she might get that mirror obsession from me.)

and i can't say i didn't have a perma-smile on my face when we had a princess play-date with my friend cathie and her daughter claire. claire was so sweet to give kaye THREE new princess dresses.

best. day. ever.

if it's not clear in the video below, we were required to announce the princesses. they would run in individually, and then yell, "AGAIN! AGAIN!" this continued for well over thirty minutes.

the practice of being announced when princess kaye enters a room has continued on the farm. she let's us know by starting the sentence by loudly stating, "NOW..." and we are to continue the sentence with, "...announcing princess kaye!" we follow this with lots of clapping and ooo's and ahhhh's.

i love it.

what i'm saying is this - if you're not jealous that there isn't a princess living at your house...you should be. it makes everything a little more regal.