good wednesday, friends! 

let's talk about why it's beyond amazing that it's wednesday.

1 | my sister (who is 26 weeks pregnant!) gets here tomorrow. my farmer is taking kaye and sawyer for the ENTIRE weekend so kelli and i can kick it in the big city with brunching, massages, and pedicures. we may even sneak in a little shopping, go see a movie, and i have big plans to drink mimosas in front of her. i'm so happy she's pregnant...not me. 

2 | i'm currently eating cinnamon life by the fistful. lawdy, i love cinnamon life. 

3 | wednesday means i get to bring a fellow, lovely blogger to your screen! and this blogger just happens to have hair i envy every day, looks really good in workout clothes, is a whiz in the kitchen, and is marrying a super cute fella. no seriously...she's in the depths of planning her wedding!

so let's get to it!

KARLI | let’s get right to it - you’re marrying a hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin’ love. where are you at in the planning process?

MARY | As of this week, I have all the "big" things checked off my to-do list. Next step, family and bridal party gifts. Suggestions welcome! Anddd, starting today I'm sharing some of my wedding planning process each Wednesday. To say I have some wedding inspired Pinterest boards would be an understatement. I have 4 boards (not to mention the nine boards that are private).
KARLI |  oh sweet pinterest. i don't even want to know what would happen if pinterest was around when i was planning my wedding. my farmer and i surely wouldn't have made it down the aisle. that's a fact. did your man pop the question?

MARY | To say he caught me off guard sounds silly since I'd been pestering him about it for the past year, since the beginning of our long distance relationship. But homeboy swept me off my feet and totally pulled it all off without me even knowing he was in my state. Topped off with flowers, the world's cutest umbrella, and the perfect ring. [entire story here]

KARLI | oh girl. i hope he never stops surprising you and sweeping you off your feet!

where do you see yourself in five years? 

MARY | In the warm state of SC, married to the cutest ginger, with lots of red-headed-mini-Thomases and mini-mes running around. For some reason I picture our kids being the spitting image of Thomas (if they are boys).

KARLI | girl...that could totally happen. i've now produced two miniature farmers...except they are girls. but they look exactly like him...which is promising because my farmer has an incredible metabolism and the longest, leanest legs. he's a pretty fantastic athlete too. natural ability for days. so...hopefully my girls take after him in all facets. oh...and did i mention my farmer is basically the smartest person i know? so, yeah. my girls are lucky.

what i'm saying're probably going to produce mini-thomas-gingers all over SC.

and your ginger brood are oh so lucky because you basically kill it in the recipe department. can you share some of your favorites with the September FARM crowd? 
No-Bake Butterscotch Haystacks
MARY | Food is something I don't joke about. It's serious business y'all, and sharing my recipes is one of my favorite parts of having a blog. My favorites? Gorilla Bread. No-Bake Butterscotch Haystacks. & Healthy Taco Soup.

KARLI | gah! for a girl that's really trying to be so good about what i put in my face...your recipes aren't helping! i get so hungry. (i just ate another handful of cinnamon life.)

other than your wedding…anything exciting coming up? 

MARY | Does job searching count? (answer: no) With a new last name comes a new state and therefore, a new job. Blah...

KARLI | girl...when you find a new job, let me know and i'll find a new job too. i too had to quit my job when i got married and had kids. and while i've LOVED being able to be with my gals every day...i think i would enjoy going back to least part time. so...very best of luck in your job search! i'm sure you won't have a problem. you're a doll, smart, articulate...and everyone will see that.

have you ever done anything ca-razy? (skydiving? boyfriend stalking? streaking? you get the idea.)
MARY | I once called dibs on a guy, (seems pretty crazy since it's not the last oreo I'm claiming but a human being) after realizing my best friend and college roommate both had a crush on him. Any guesses who got the guy?

KARLI | YOU DID! YOU DID! girl...solid work. i'm a very firm believer in going after what you want! it's exactly what i did with my farmer...and after five years i finally wore him down. persistence was key. i hope you didn't have to work that hard.


mary! thank you so so much for being on September FARM today! i'm so excited to follow along with your wedding planning all the way up to your big day! i have no doubt you're going to be a beyond stunning, gracious, elegant bride! i'm so excited!

i'm also excited to say that mary is offering 20% off her ad spaces for September FARM readers! just shoot her an e-mail and let her know you saw the discount on September FARM!

and if that's not enough mary for you, find her all over social media. DO IT!