i think i can speak for both kaye and me when i say we're not only shocked at the size of sawyer's cheeks and thighs...but simply the fact that she's already four months is mind boggling. she's just getting so old...and cute. did i mention she's super cute?

i forgot how quickly things change from month to month. at four months sawyer was still working on her rolling and this month she'll be working on sitting up unassisted. she may also cut her first tooth. 

that's right...our muffin has yet to sprout any teeth. when kaye was sawyer's age she had four. maybe our sawyer-muffin will grow hair faster? maybe. not likely.
so, we're still toothless. we have yet to try any solid food. we roll in both directions. and we talk and yell most of the day...unless being carried. so i guess she's a lot like a 110 year old woman. a 110 year old woman that is just so darn darling.

to celebrate sawyer's five months i packed the gals and me a little picnic to enjoy on a beautiful sunny day. 

quite literally as we stepped out of the house the wind began to blow. of course. but i was determined. our picnic was already packed...blanket and all. plus i really wanted to snap some pictures of the girls together. i've only been able to capture them together in a few iPhone pictures...and today was the day.

but first, we crashed our farmer's business time. 
i think kaye is the only one who can properly distract him from his work.

okay okay...back to sawyer and all her five month glory.
S A W Y E R  |  5  M O N T H S

nicknames | muffin, bitty, sawyer-muff, sister

height + weight |
our gal...wow. she has rolls upon rolls upon rolls. her thighs are practically edible. her cheeks are so chubby they actually make her face a little droopy...in the most adorable way possible.

according to our wall measurement, our gal has hit a little growth spurt. she's grown nearly an inch this month and continues to pack on the l-b's. that's my gal.
sleep | our sweet bear is still a super good sleeper. she takes three naps a day very consistently. the hardest part is keeping kaye somewhat quiet so sawyer can catch her z's.

our night time schedule still consists of her hitting the hay between 6:30 and 7 pm. she'll sleep until 10-ish and want to be fed again. then she'll wake up one more time around 4 am to eat...and then sleep in until 7:30 ish.

i'd love for her to start skipping that 10 pm nursing session. i think she wakes up for it now out of habit.
eats | girlfriend seems to be perfectly chubby sticking with just nursing. however, in the past few weeks i've been watching you watch me eat. the intensity in your eyes as i take each bite is indicative of your future zest for real food. i just know you're going to be a great, little eater.

i think we're going to try some veggie purees here in the next few weeks. get excited. broccoli. mmmm.
loves | your mom. sweet girl, you love your mom! but you also adore you farmer and you're obsessed with your sister. you can't take your eyes off of her and you find her incredibly amusing. this is adorable because she finds you particularly entertaining as well.

in fact, in the past few days i've noticed kaye playing with you more and more - showing you different toys and their functions. i so so so hope this is just the very start of a deep sisterly bond.

also worth a mention - you love your carseat. you really really do. oh! and your little bouncer toy. you'll sit in it for good chunks of time. thank you sweet girl for making this infant phase pretty easy.

dislikes | loud noises, too many people, strangers, being laid down (you prefer sitting up)...and that's pretty much it. i repeat...you're basically the easiest going baby in all the land of babies.
sweet sweet sawyer - you're beyond perfection. you're beyond adorable. and you've almost tricked your farmer and i into thinking we might want to have one more. almost. 
not going to happen.