a long long...long long time ago we had family photos taken.

perhaps you remember our christmas card from this year?
yes...stephanie captured this very very raw moment for us. it certainly wasn't staged. but can you imagine the stage direction she would have given us?

karli - you act super stressed out and make an ugly face. now cover your ear like if you hear one more scream you're going to freak out. perfect.

russell - go ahead and act like you think it's hilarious that your wife is going to freak out.

kaye - throw that epic fit you've been holding off on for about two hours now.

bitty - be perfect.

yes...that's exactly what would have been said.

instead, stephanie was super patient with our whole family (especially kaye) and managed to not only snap the first beautiful pictures of our family of four, but that epic christmas card as well. (it will probably be my most favorite christmas card...ever.)

you may or may not remember, but stephanie also captured our mama / turtle photo session just before sawyer was born. i can't believe i was 37 weeks!

anyway, it's long overdue, but i'm here to share a few more snaps of the sweet sweet pictures taken that day. it was so wonderful to have stephanie visit the farm. i certainly plan on having her out again...if i can talk her into it! otherwise i'll have to force my farmer to the big city (where stephanie and her adorable son reside) for our next family photo session.

should you be from the boise area, or maybe you are interested in hiring stephanie to travel to snap pictures for your next event, i would HIGHLY recommend her over and over...and over and over. and over.

can you tell i have a girl crush? i can't help it.

and maybe you want to do some light stalking as well? let me make it easy for you...