a long long long long time ago...as in over six months ago, i was putting together kaye's big girl room...which still isn't complete. 

regardless, i was on the pottery barn kids website and saw a little heart art i really liked and it matched the color scheme of her room. unfortunately, it was priced way higher than i thought it was worth. i also thought, "i could probably make my own heart art." so i gave it a go.

D I Y  H E A R T  A R T
1 | gather your supplies! sharpies, canvas, paint. 
i purchased our supplies at the only store within 30 miles of us - walmart. oh! except for the paint. i had the paint from previous art projects, which i ordered from amazon.
2 | next i cut out a large heart out of construction paper and taped it to the canvas tightly...so no paint would get underneath. 
3 | i mixed up my pink paint by combining my white and red paint. i'm quite the mixologist.

actually, i was just thinking this could be a cute project for lots of occasions. cut out a four-leaf clover, slap it on a canvas, green paint - BOOM. so easy!

4 | then you just paint paint paint, making sure the white of the canvas is completely covered...but make sure you don't let any paint under the construction paper heart! that way you have a nice clean line. 

see...so pretty! now, let it dry completely.
5 | once completely dry, grab your sharpies! i ended up going with the darker, more magenta color of sharpie as opposed to the hot pink. it was a nice contrast.
then you start to write...in a very. uniform. fashion.

pick whatever word / phrase you like! i chose i love you...because i L O V E my kaye.
6 | once you've filled your shape with your word / phrase...admire your work!

this little number is hanging on my gals wall in a little collage my sister helped me arrange...because lawd knows i can't do that stuff on my own. i just don't have a decorator's eye.
maybe one day...super super soon i'll feel like kaye's room is finally finished enough to post pictures of it. one day. *sigh*

S H I F T I N G  B U S I N E S S !

a call to all southwest idaho bloggers! (or if you want to drive...that's okay too!)

amy, over at the farmer's wife, had a great idea that we should put together a little idaho meet + greet luncheon...or something like that. (we're still in the very early stage of planning.)

so...if this sounds like something that would suit your fancy, we'd love to have you join! shoot me an e-mail and we'll get back to you with all the details! fun and fun!