happy sunday! i hope we've all had a relaxing, restful, rejuvenating weekend!

i certainly can't complain! we were able to escape to the mountains one last time before farming season kicks into hyper speed.

bike rides, hot springs, food food food, family time - these things never get old.

i'm also happy to have karissa back on the blog this weekend! she's here to tell us all about her sunday confession...the arrival of her daughter!

So it wasn't my fault but my when I delivered my daughter it was kind of awkward and embarrassing for my mom and husband. My due date was October 23rd and on September 30 my husband and I went out to eat lunch and then run errands. Then later that night when we got home I wanted a snack. So I made cinnamon toast and a glass a milk. It was a kind of weird choice but it was what I wanted. I had a sweet tooth when I was pregnant. They say don't eat a lot when you go into labor but I had no idea that I would be going into labor about 90 minutes after eating that toast and milk plus the big lunch we had earlier. It wasn't even October yet so labor hadn't even entered my mind has something I would be doing for weeks. I was wrong. My girl wanted out.


Me pregnant a long time ago.

So my mom and husband took me to the hospital and we learned the reason you aren't supposed to eat a lot. I just started puking up everything. The thing is I never throw up so even though at that point we'd been together 8 years and married 2.5 years my husband had probably seen me throw up twice. It's very rare plus if I threw up I'd go to the bathroom. It's not like I would just sit there puking in front of him. Well at that point I was having contractions and had a big belly so I just started puking. My husband turns green and doesn't know what to do so my mom has to find things for me to keep throwing up in. He really panicked a bit. So luckily my mom was there to help me out. It wasn't my finest moment and super gross. I guess that's just to prepare you for when the baby comes out because newborns are unpredictable and also can be kind of gross. She was worth it though.


At the hospital.


Our first day home.


So tiny with her daddy.


let's all take a second to thank karissa for stopping back by September FARM. don't forget to have a look at her blog, a fresh start!

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