ain't no thang! 
i continue to be obsessed with changing up the color scheme of the oh hey, friday! button. but it's march...and all that valentine pizazz wasn't cutting it. plus, what else should i do with nap time?

A N S W E R | workouts, shower, dinner prep, read a book, clean, fold laundry...the list goes on.'s this.
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M Y  F I V E | S U P E R  R A N D O M

1 | my sweet sweet muffin got her four month shots. she handled them MUCH better than she did her two month shots...which was a total relief. 
in other news...she's shooting up on the growth charts. she started in about the 12th percentile for both height and weight and is now well into the 40th percentile. girlfriend isn't shy when it comes to eating. 

2 | if you read my post on potty training kaye, you know i bought a GIANT bag of m+m's for her treat after each successful trip. 
you also know that i quit potty training her and decided to have another go in a few months. 
so what's to happen to that giant bag of m+m's? well...they went right into my mouth. so so many m+m's. so many in fact, i made myself sick during nap time. i was eating them like popcorn. 
3 | i have a favorite product to share! it's a tea made by aveda and it is delicious. tea | thé is what's on the look for that when purchasing. i don't even know how to describe it, so you'll have to try for yourself. just know that i'm not a tea person...but this tea is so yummy, caffeine free, sugar free, and all other good things tea is for you. 

4 | oh good lord. my friend talked me into riding the bike portion of a 70.3 ironman triathlon. it's 50 miles and i haven't sat on my road bike's been at least two years. 
in all my life the longest ride i've ever done was about 40 the idea of doing 50? i really don't know how this is going to shake out. i think it's going to take me the better part of three hours...maybe even four. my booty already hates me. started this week and i have a long way to go. wish me luck!

5 | it's about that time to brag on my farmer - he has both sawyer and kaye this weekend so i can pamper my sister during her 27th week of pregnancy. kelli and i are headed in for massages, facials, and whatever else suits our fancy. i'm nearly positive i'm more excited about this than she is.
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