come so quickly these days.

no seriously...i never thought time could fly by so quickly. i blink and it's wednesday. i blink again and it's friday.

it's been a week of highs and lows.

T H E  H I G H
kaye has been absolutely hysterical this week. she's chatting up a storm...just like her farmer. those two have the gift of gab. her latest move is using manners all the time, correctly.

please mama.
thank you dada.
you're welcome.

the best though is when she asks for something. the conversation goes like this:

"milk please mama."
"oh, you want some milk?"
kaye replies with, "okay!" as if it were magic that i guessed what she was saying.

i didn't think i could adore that girl anymore...and then she started talking. farmer and i agree...we love that sweet sweet voice.

T H E  L O W

kaye's fits. she's been a bit emotional this week. i won't be mad when those go away...forever.

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M Y  F I V E | L E T ' S  G E T  S W E A T Y
1 | so...i've been participating in the #1800minutechallenge hosted by the always lovely erin over at living in yellow. the whole idea is to work out 1,800 minutes in the months of february and march. i'm suuuuper proud of myself because as of yesterday afternoon i logged my 1,491st minute! that's nearly 25 hours of working out.

2 | those 25 hours came in handy with all the eating my sister and i did last weekend. ouch doesn't even begin to explain how i felt sunday evening. a little too much indulgence. however...i've been having dreams of guru donuts, so i do see myself back there very very soon. as in...hopefully this weekend. should you find yourself in boise...i highly recommend ALL of the places my sister and i hit up, plus more. boise...i love thee.
3 | on the topic of sweating...since i had been so diligent with my workouts on monday, tuesday, and wednesday...and even managed to log some serious time on my road bike i thought i'd take it easy on thursday. i warmed up with 15 minutes at a medium effort on the bike. switched to a 30 minute run on the treadmill...also at a medium pace. then i thought it might be nice to do a little workout video for another 15. ummm...ouch. it was 60 minutes total and i was shaky legs and arms exhausted. maybe tomorrow is a rest day.
4 | let's talk about workout videos. now, i may be late to the game, but i've fallen in love with the tone it up gals. dear lord if i could just kind of look like them...or maybe even just half as good. first things first, i'm going to need an amazing spray tan and hair extensions. regardless, if you are looking for a quick workout just head on over to their website...they have TONS to choose from. i find it incredibly motivating to do their videos. they are so damn gorgeous.

5 | and well...because it's friday and because i can't think of a #5 let's throw in a little 30% discount for the group giveaway! i'm looking for three more gals to get in on the group giveaway for march. have a look! use code GIVEAWAY30.

happy linkup! happy weekend!