V L O G. a video blog. we're taking it one step further into crazy blog-land, people. keep reading for the details.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | vlog! is anyone else excited? no? that's okay. regardless, amy and i are going to try our hand at our very first vlog, but we need your help! 

here and there i get questions regarding farm life, my farmer, blogging advice, etc...and amy gets the same thing! so we thought it might be fun to open ourselves up to a duo q + a - vlog style! please send your questions our way either via e-mail or in a comment below should you want to participate! (don't forget to leave your name and blog name so we can give you a little shout out!)

i mean...if there is anything more awkward than me doing a vlog...i want to see it. 

my new best gals, over at tone it up, just kill it. i love their website. i love their little workout videos. and just looking at them is inspiring. gah. girl crush all over the place. well, their bikini series is starting and i have high hopes that i'll be able to get my act together and complete this eight week challenge. wish me luck!

3 | baby gap for little boys
 it's not secret. i have some serious issues when it comes to buying my farm gals their clothing. i get such good deals at baby gap i can't stop! and things just got worse...

even though i'm nearly positive my sister is having a girl, i couldn't help but pop over to the boy section...just to eyeball the potential. you know, just in case she happens to have a little fella. oh lord! i couldn't be more thrilled with what they had going on. i want all of those things. hats. shorts. cargos. shoes. onesies. all of it. 

with as much as i want kelli to have a girl (so i can pass down all of the girl clothes we've dropped cash on)...i would kind of prefer she have a boy now. 

4 | easter! are we all ready? we're headed to ryan and amy's for a little potluck and easter egg hunt. i decided to contribute some easter themed cakepops...you know...strictly so i could take pictures of them and put those pictures on the blog. strategy people. strategy. 
5 | my bunny!
these bunny ears are two years old because i tried so desperately to get kaye to wear them. no such luck. that girl...

but this girl...this girl is cooperative. thank you bitty. thank you for being my bunny. my bitty bunny.

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