my quest for the perfect holiday picture continues to elude me. 

out of about 25 snaps...this was the best one. 
a lot going on in this picture - kaye trying to put her new shoe on sawyer. me yelling, "look at mommy! look at mommy!" sawyer just spit up on herself. kaye wanting whatever was in that purple egg. me yelling, "you can have a binkie if you leave the bow in your hair."

chaos. pictures suck.

for easter we headed on over to amy's farm for a little get together with friends and family, delicious food, and a super competitive egg hunt. it's really how every holiday should go. egg hunt and all.

kaye promptly dyed her easter dress all colors. amy quickly ran inside for protective wear from her boy's closet...kaye refused to take off her farmer's shirt the rest of the day. #farmerproblems
meanwhile - sawyer continued to be the happiest baby in all the land.
after easter egg dying we moved inside to enjoy all the delicious food...including the cakepops and chocolate covered strawberries i brought.

thank god amy managed to snap a shot of the cakepops, but who's the creeper in the back? it's me. i'm the creeper.
after properly feasting, and eating, and glutinously stuffing my face we headed back outside for a friendly little egg-huntin' competish.

it started with the little big kids. basically the cutest kids in all of farm land. even with all the practice egg hunts we put kaye through...i'll never get sick of her chasing after all the prized eggs. she's beyond excited every. single. time.
i'm not super sure what they're looking at here, because i'm nearly positive there were no eggs hidden in the tree for the kid-friendly hunt.
but guess who does get eggs in the tree? the adult-gal's hunt. i was more than happy to help amy fish out an egg she spied...and it was really up there. not easy to get to. but between her and me plus our no-quit attitudes...the egg was retrieved.
upon successful retrieval i proceeded to birddog every egg i could get my paws on. and what did i win? bragging rights for an entire year. i'll take it.
we were so fortunate this easter. it was supposed to be super stormy with straight up disgusting, windy, rainy weather...but it ended up being a beautiful, sunny day enjoyed by all! it seems like easter always turns out that way.

i already can't wait for next year. not only will sawyer be big enough to hunt, but i'm definitely going to talk someone into dressing up like a giant bunny.