would you like a teaser? sure...who doesn't like a tease?

can we talk about those blue eyes? just. like. her sister's. sheesh. where did my gals get them? farmer and i are both hazel through and through.

but let's get back on track. it's oh hey, friday!

did everyone have a ridiculously awesome week? we sure did out on the farm. there were several sun-shiny days with little to no wind, i got a load of organizing and cleaning complete, AND i sold that nikon 1 j1 i was talking about yesterday! that makes me this much closer to getting that fridge i've been yammering on about for two years. but seriously...i want a new fridge...right now.

anyway...let's do this thang -

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

M Y  F I V E

i can't tell you how happy it made me to get a sister photo shoot scheduled with amy. you see...when we had sawyer's newborn pictures / family pictures taken last october kaye was in such a terrible terrible horrific embarrassingly bad mood that we got ZERO pictures of the girls together. break my heart. it was a bad day...but made for an epic christmas card pictures. anyway...

so the gals and i headed to amy's farm yesterday so she could take us around and snap pictures of the two cutest farm gals. amy's older son, brody, played assistant and danced, jumped, hollered, sang, made funny faces...all to make sure kaye was in prime picture mode...it was a lot of work, but he nailed it. there wasn't a better farmer for the job.
let's just say...if my gal wasn't in love before, she definitely is now. just look at these two!
when amy sent this picture my way the e-mail said, "wait...when did they turn 16?!"


but as i was saying before...we went to amy's to take sister pictures. have i mentioned how nice it is to befriend someone who just so happens to take excellent photographs? 

did i also fail to mention that i'm forgoing any sort of M Y  F I V E and i'm just going to post all of my very most favorite shots from yesterday. k? k.
don't worry...i'm saving the very best picture for last!
we're going to call this one - help me. 

okay...linky link time!