two weeks ago i made the decision to get my act together and get fit.

i've been following the tone it up gals for several months now doing their free videos online, but still not paying much attention to my nutrition...and as it turns out...nutrition is pretty key if you want to change the look of your bod.

and people - i want a hot bod.

maybe not even a hot bod. maybe just a bod that doesn't jiggle quite so much. i can get on board with that. oh yeah...and i want to be able to suck in my gut. after my two girls...i just kind of have this pooch that hangs there. i had a good game of skinny-fat going on. anyway...

as i was saying, i have been following the tone it up gals for a bit now and then i read about their eight week #bikinichallenge. i knew i wanted to hop on that train.

eight weeks? i can do that.

plus at exactly the eight week point i will be attending an awesome wedding in santa barbara...and i don't want to be the ugly family from idaho. it's a little extra motivation.

we are officially two weeks into the tone it up bikini challenge and so far...i think i'm pickin' up what they're puttin' down.

before the challenge started i took my measurements -


MID-SECTION | 32 inches

HIPS | 36.5 inches

ARMS | 10.5 inches

THIGHS | 22 inches


MID-SECTION | 30 inches - two inch loss

HIPS | 35.5 inches - one inch loss

ARMS | 10 inches - 1/2 inch loss

THIGHS | 21 inches - 1 inch loss

see! there's totally been progress! i'm into it.

my farmer is into it too.