there's something special when you get to chat with a fellow new mama. it's like you're in the trenches together. i mean...we could probably text each other around 2:30 am and catch the other nursing her babe back to sleep while playing scramble on the ol' iPhone. am-i-right?

which is exactly why it was so fun to have this little chat with my gal tiara from ice cream + french fries. not only do i like french fries...but i looooooooooove ice cream. i love ice cream so so much. and i love that tiara likes ice cream too.

you know what else she likes? getting her fit-nass on, posting before and after pictures, exploring the great outdoors, and dressing her new best gal in super cute clothes and headbands. these are the facts.
KARLI | hey girl hey! so...i had a baby. you had a baby. we're mama friends. i like it. about life with a baby? any awesome mama moments yet?

TIARA | Life with baby is amazing, but then she's a pretty easy baby. Fingers crossed the toddler and teenage years are as smooth. HA -- who am I kidding. We did have one 3 a.m. diaper off shit flying across the room moment her first week home. It was priceless and my hubby was a champ steam cleaning the rug the next day.
My gal at 9 weeks.
KARLI | oh lord. we had one of those moments with the middle of the night when she was little little. it was terrible. the poo literally flew far enough to hit the door. it was 3 am and i was like...nope. i'm waking the farmer up for this one. we both have to suffer.

what’s been the biggest shock?

TIARA | The biggest shock was how little sleep I can function on. Who knew all these years.

KARLI | i know. if only i knew i had that in me in college...then again...i was usually nursing a pretty solid hangover. enough about that...

anything exciting coming up?

TIARA | Yes and it has nothing to do with baby. We've been working on remodeling our kitchen for way too long and well we finally found a contractor to take it on. You know you're getting old when the thought of a shiny new kitchen excites you. I'll be popping the bubbly the day the original red formica countertops are pulled out! Goodbye 1959, hello 2015!

KARLI | you know something is wrong with you when you want to redo your kitchen...and it's only three years old. no seriously...i want to rip out everything except for our cabinets. i'd also make it way bigger with a larger island. so what i'm saying is...i'm thrilled you get to redo your kitchen! yay! The plans.

why did you decide to get into this crazy blog life?

TIARA | Originally I started blogging when I moved to Tahoe nine years ago. It was a way to let my family (aka mom) know I was still alive. LOL. Recently it's morphed into so much more. I love having the creative outlet, inspiring others and connecting with other likeminded bloggers.

KARLI | and by likeminded you mean a little bit cray-cray? because that's what i am.

what’s your guilty pleasure?

TIARA | Oh girl, ice cream is my weakness. I seriously can't keep it in the house. You can find a few favorites here.

KARLI | please don't say ice cream. i'm at a very weak moment in my goal to hotness. i want ice cream...right now. speaking of ice cream...

you like to live the healthy life - what advice would you give to a gal who needs some motivation? 

TIARA | Slow and steady wins the race. Find workouts that work for you and schedule them into your calendar. Don't forget to mix it up. Right now I hit the gym in the morning, but walk the dog while wearing my gal in the afternoons. They both keep me motivated.

I keep before and after pictures of myself in my phone. Whenever I'm feeling like I need a kick in the butt I look at them to see how far I've come.

KARLI | don't we all keep before and afters on our phones? the worst is when someone is looking through your pictures and they see those. which is exactly why i don't let people scroll through my pics any more. embarrassing.

i know it’s pretty new…but are you ready for baby #2? 

TIARA | Haha. Honestly, I'm still trying to forget about the labor. There will probably be number two, but not for a few years. Then I'm done. We're happy as a party of three for the time being.

KARLI | what's wrong with me? after i had sawyer and realized what a ridiculously sweet child i had on my hands i was like...maybe i could do one more. and then i snap back to reality. thank god.

if you were on a reality show…which would it be and why?

TIARA | The Amazing Race -- It combines my love for travel and healthy competition.
Exploring the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs.
KARLI | yes! my farmer and i would do that one too! except we often laugh at how well we would get along. he thinks it would be like cats and dogs. i think we would be a great team because i take direction least i think i do.

where do you see yourself in five years?

TIARA | This is also a hard one. Probably living life to the fullest with my babes in Tahoe.

KARLI | i know. that was a pretty lame question. i mean...obviously!

how’s your man handling being a proud daddy?

TIARA | He's amazing. I think he had a harder time adjusting to less sleep than mama.

of course he's amazing. you picked him! and girl...the night i get a good night of sleep...big things are going to happen. i don't know what...but big.

i think we can all say a big thank you to tiara for stopping by today! and if you love her...just like i do...dive into her blog!