no no...i'm not crazy and starting another linkup for monday, but i can't wait until friday to tell you about our weekend happenings!

1 | i am a suuuuuper proud mama. my gal kaye is potty trained enough that we are no longer going to buy her diapers. two years and six and a half months...she did it. kaye notifies us when she has to go to the bathroom. she can pull her pants down and back up. and she's been accident free for over a week...except for that one time when she was trapped in the car and the other time when she was locked outside.

trapped in car - we were headed to boise and she fell asleep.

locked outside - kaye and i were jumping on the trampoline and i heard sawyer wake up from her nap on the monitor. i ran inside to snag her, and by the time i made it back downstairs kaye was standing there (in her accident) telling me she was sorry. bless her heart. i felt just terrible.

regardless, this morning i cancelled our honest diapers subscription...which is mula in our pockets. yay!

2 | my man...that farmer of mine. he continues on his quest to show me he's the best farmer/husband around.

about three years ago we finished our house enough to move in...just before kaye was born. this was a huge step for us...right out of that single wide. at that point hour house was probably only 60% complete.

since then we've - finished the basement (except the bathroom), backsplashed the kitchen (this past weekend, yay!), landscaped (a little)...all this brings us to about 75% completion.

we still need to - finish landscaping, do crown molding in the kitchen, backsplash master bath, finish bathroom downstairs (it's in studs)...oh yeah...and build a garage.

mind you, my farmer has done an outlandish majority of this with his two hands. you know, in his "off" time.

anyway, yesterday he got busy tiling our kitchen backsplash. it's almost complete, but we ran out of tile. but even with that only mostly finished, i LOVE it. it brightens our kitchen and makes me feel fancy. now i just need new light fixtures over the island.

3 | so...i'm training for a half marathon. this past weekend my training program called for me to complete 12 miles. unfortunately, it was terribly windy, rainy, and cold on saturday. there was no way i could run outside. so i shut myself into our treadmill room and ran 12 miles on a treadmill. let me tell you, it was terrible. i don't recommend this...ever.

4 | the balance bike. so...i've seen kids much younger than kaye master the balance bike, but my gal just won't do it. maybe it's because she has this guy pushing her around, making it way too fun.

5 | happy monday!