(in case you were wondering, my post title completely rhymes.)

hey you gals! it's friday and i have some terrible terrible news.

my best little gal had to get her six month shots this morning. even though i'm all about immunizations...i'm not all about watching my daughter get stabbed. i wish i could buy her a cupcake and make her forget // feel all better, but at six months they just look at you like you've betrayed them.

my poor sawyer gal. all the hugs and kisses for her today.

better news? it's oh hey, friday! love that.

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so as i was saying per the title of this post...my best gals and i escaped the farm for a few days and popped up to my very most favorite place, mccall. while the wind was blowing at 25 miles per hour on the farm...the girls and i were able to soak up the glorious rays and fresh mountain air. love that. 

it's especially easy for us to get away these days because my farmer's parents bought a vacation home in this glorious mountain town! talk about lucking out. whether they know it or not...i definitely plan on wearing out our welcome. thank god they love their granddaughters a whole whole heap.

1 | ummm...need i say more? wildlife every single morning right off the deck. kaye is absolutely adorable when she sees them and we tell her she has to be super quiet. she'll sneak out there to get a better look...which is impressive for a 2.5 year old to sneak.
2 | paved roads. i know. this seems totally lame to be excited about, but out in farm land we have dirt roads...and a lot of them. let me paint a picture - i've had a suuuuper cracked windshield for the past two years because it's absolutely pointless to have it repaired. it would literally crack again within a month...or less. so as i was saying, paved roads. we love paved roads...and it was so adorable to take my gals out in our single stroller. they certainly won't fit like this in the very near future. but for now...it warms my heart. bitty will just stare at kaye, and kaye feels very important because i tell her she has to make sure bitty doesn't fall out. she's absolutely the best big sister...even though she looks underwhellmed in this particular instance.

3 | something else to be excited about...a bathtub. yes people...on the farm we lack a bathtub. showers only in our house...until we finish our basement bathroom. so to say sawyer enjoys bath time...well...that would be a complete lie. you would think there was battery acid in the tub. 

but my gal kaye...kaye loooooves bath time. 
4 | but in all reality...we really love mccall because of the amazing weather and lack of wind. it was a stunning 65 - 70ยบ the three days we were there. bitty was able to rock her chambray sun hat (courtesy of a kaye hand-me-down)...and maybe i was able to catch a few rays on my suuuuper pasty legs. 
and all the while...kaye napped in a chair on the deck...with ketchup on her face.
if you can see past the ketchup...you'll notice her eyelashes for days. so long and thick. downright enviable.

5 | and for our fifth trick...we logged some park time. if there is one thing my gal kaye loves...it's slides and swings. we need a playset in our backyard, like, yesterday.

the best part? bitty likes swinging too! definitely not as high as kaye, but i'm sure she'll get there.  

i hope everyone else had a fantastic week with as many smiles!

ps. hey farmer - next sunday is mother's day. be checking back for gift ideas! xox

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