and just like that...i have a 2 1/2 year old and a six month old.

my sawyer-muff is six months!

we've had a super busy month.

kaye has been busy being the very best big sister. and when i say the best i mean the best. i'll be talking more about that tomorrow.

our farmer has been suuuuuper busy getting our corn planted. over one thousand acres, people. that's a lot of tractor time.

i've been busy wrangling children and working out.

and our sawyer has been busy getting her cheeks chubbier and her thighs a little thicker. our gal doesn't like to skip a meal. she's just like her mother.

sawyer - you continue to be the absolute sweetest baby there ever was. you make this "mom" thing seem easy. maybe it's because i have an extra set of hands in your big sister, or maybe it's just because you're that easy...whatever it is. thank you.

thank you for always greeting everyone with a huge smile with your sparking blue eyes.

thank you for playing independently with all of your sister's toys...which she surprisingly gladly shares with you.

thank you for loooooving when kaye loves you a little too hard. and i'm talking...rolls over you with a giant hug or kisses your head so hard she pushes you over. kaye does no wrong in your eyes. you love every ounce of attention she gives you.

thank you for sparing me on the nursing front with your exactly ZERO teeth...and it doesn't look like you'll be getting any of those anytime soon. where are your teeth miss?

thank you for having a perfectly bald head. it makes me feel like i can keep you a little baby for that much longer.

and most of all - thank you for making us a family of four. you were definitely a missing piece and you make us all so happy.

nicknames | muffin, bitty, sawyer-muff. kaye calls you "sister" and we mostly call you "bitty."

height + weight | 
sawyer had her six month well-baby check-up last week and she was such a trooper. i never know what kind of mood your baby is going to be in after shots. my poor gal. she turned an amazing shade of scarlet, cried for about five minutes and as we were leaving, fell asleep. best baby ever.

of course before her shots she just smiled and coo'd for the doctor, and of course showed him her super powerful leg slam she likes to do lately. she raises both legs straight up and slams them down simultaneously. she also does this repeatedly in her crib in the's how i know she's awake.

anyway...girlfriend was measured and weighed and clocks in at 25.5" (30th percentile) and nearly 16 pounds (40th percentile). this is good stuff considering she started out in the 10th percentile.

sleep | said doctor visit he gave it to me straight - it's time to make sawyer sleep through the night. this was welcome news considering i've been waking with her every single night for six months. that's a very long time, people.

so, for the past few days we've been working on sleep training and sawyer is such a little champ. she's still waking up once a night, but she's going back to sleep easily when we replace her binkie. this means i'm feeling far more that.

naps | my gal is also killing it in the nap department. she naps twice a day and is down anywhere from one to two hours.

eats | we started sawyer on her fruits and veggies a few weeks ago! the first two meals were a little rough. a lot of spitting out, but it's a learning process! now we can't get the food in her mouth fast enough.

so far she loves - avocados, fruit + veggie blends, raspberries, blueberries, and i may have even given her a few bites of scrambled eggs as well as some almond butter. she likes it all.

my muffin still nurses every three hours starting at 6 am with her last meal at 7 pm right before bed. it works out to be five times in a 24 hour period.

milestones | yay! about five months one week you started sitting up unassisted! you can sit up all day long now if you like. you're so so strong. you've also been rolling over from front to back and back to front for a few months now...i just never mentioned it.

i won't be surprised one bit if you end up being much more of a crawler than your sister...which will probably make you a later walker. i say this because you're already scooting all over the place on your belly. you're also trying super hard to get into crawling position. if i put you into crawling position, you'll stay there for a good 30 seconds. you're so advanced, my love.

loves | bitty loooves her sister...her sister above all others. sawyer will watch kaye run around all day. i can't wait to see them when sawyer is walking.

you also love - food, sophie the giraffe, dancing, slobbering all over your dad, when i chew on your ribs...have i mentioned you're ridiculously ticklish? especially under your chin.

dislikes | loud noises, too many people, strangers, HATE water.'re the very best and own all of our hearts. this month let's continue to work on sleeping through the night, crawling, and getting some teeth. i'm excited to start introducing you to some of my culinary expertise...or at least some new flavors.

ps. all of these pictures of my best gals were taken by amy over at The Farmer's Wife. thank you again amy!!