guys! the 4th of july is RIGHT around the corner! yay! bust out your reds, whites, and blues...let's light some shit on fire.


truth? i've never lit anything on fire on the 4th of july except just sounded super hardcore.

anyway...i hope everyone is finalizing their bbq plans and shopping for all the drool-worthy, pinterest-perfect dessert ingredients for your red, white, and blue skewers, pies, cakes, popsicles...whatever.

let's be real - pinterest touches all holidays for the rest of our lives.

however, should you be lacking in the decor department...i'm so so happy to share  a few printables i threw together - full of all the red, white, + blue you can handle.

the suite includes a little banner, some cupcake toppers, and straw flags...because i love straw flags. i just do.

to print, just click the corresponding links!

(each circle is 5" in diameter + there are 4 pages to print)

(2" in diameter)
(2" in diameter)
STRAW FLAGS know what? i'm kind of loving creating little printables for friends and family lately, so i've decided to open it up to everyone!

do you need a birth announcement? party invitation? party print goods - banners, straw flags, cake toppers, door signage, food signage, water bottle labels, etc?

i would LOVE to help you out. send me an e-mail and we'll discuss details and pricing!

(and by pricing i mean a suuuuper good deal depending on your customization.)