here's a true story -

i have suuuuuper thin//fine hair. super super. sometimes i wear something i like to call fancy hair...also known as clip-ins. i love them. they make me feel...fancy. and like i have thickish hair for the first time in my life.

i originally picked up my fancy hair because when i was pregnant with kaye and shortly after she was born my hair broke off in a big chunks.

it was all i could do to not have a panic attack.

i mean, wouldn't you have a panic attack if your hair broke like this? just look at the front of my hair? i certainly didn't cut it that way. (this was between pregnancies with kaye and sawyer.)

...and with the fancy hair. the fancy hair really allowed me to not lock myself inside.

i know it seems silly, but the hair breakage really killed my confidence.

fast forward a few years and the hair had grown back and was back to it's normal thinnish self. then i got pregnant with sawyer and the breaking of the hair began.

here's a view of the fancy hair while i was pregnant with sawyer during round two of hair breakage. here i had had the fancy hair shortened by at least five inches. i think it looked more natural.

then sawyer was born and the falling out of the hair began.

i felt like i and two hairs left. like...not even enough hair for my fancy hair to clip into.

i warded off any panic attacks, again, and waited for the regrowth process to begin...and so it has...with a vengeance. i have short spikes of hair popping up all over my a dark brown color, no less.

all this to say, i need a haircut, like, two months ago. yesterday. right now.

i'm headed to the salon today to get my business together, and hopefully reappear with a style that will help my transitional hair. and with as much as i prefer long-ish hair (as does my farmer), i think we're all going to have to adjust to a sensible bob for the time being.

here's what i'm looking at...
i'm under no illusion that my hair will look as good as the gals pictured here. they have thick, glorious hair with body for days. what i am hoping for is a style that doesn't look like i just lost all my hair.

too much to ask? wish me luck.